WoW Daily Quest Guide – How To Knock Out Daily Quests

Welcome to the WoW Daily Quest Guide section of the site.

This new section will focus solely on daily quests, the rewards we receive, gold making, epic mounts and reputations.

Love them or hate them, WoW Daily Quests offer some of the coolest stuff in the game.

We are going to look at the most effective routes to take doing daily quests as well as those with the best rewards like epic mounts and cool achievement title like the “Crusader Title” or the Green Proto Drake from the Oracles.

Daily quests are easy and fast to knock out offering even the most casual player a chance at nice items and a great way to make a good amount of WoW gold relatively quickly.

My favorite wow daily quest guide ( ) works for all the level 80 daily quests ans well as seasonal events and a few other cool things.

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Fast Leveling Guide – Check Out An Awesome Fast Leveling Guide Free

When it comes to finding a good fast leveling guide for World Of Warcraft there is certainly a ton of information to be found online today.

The problem we normally run into when searching for a fast leveling guide for WoW is no different than searching for anything WoW related online today.

There is so much incorrect and outdated information out there it will make your head spin trying to find anything useful.

I wanted to share with you a way to check out one of the best fast leveling guide in game programs for World of Warcraft you will ever find.

I have been using this fast leveling guide for a couple years and they constantly seem to come up with new ways to make this guide even better.

The short video below will show you how to check out this awesome fast leveling guide on both Horde and Alliance factions and they also let you check out their in game Daily Quests Guide.

The link below the video will take you right to the homepage.

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Mage Talent Builds – The Best Mage Leveling Build

Mage Talent Builds are typically a very hot debated topic on pretty much any WoW related forum site.

The Mage class has 3 very viable Mage Leveling Build options with Fire, Frost & Arcane…

I believe there are differences in where you would play each of these Mage talent builds as you progress through leveling.

At the end of the day the Mage class can and does thrive in even high level raiding in any of the 3 Mage Talent Builds.

The pure damage of the Fire tree is an awesome start for the low level Mage…

Survivability is a key factor in the mid level to high level range…

As you reach the level cap range Arcane Mage Talent Builds offer outstanding DPS as well as being a ton of fun to play in PVE AND PVP.

We will begin our journey through the world of Mage Talent builds with a look at a Mage Leveling Build.

Level 80 Fire Mage PVE/Leveling Build (20/51/0)

Fire (51 Points)

Improved Fireball – Rank 5/5

Ignite – Rank 5/5

World in Flames – Rank 3/3

Pyroblast – Rank 1/1

Burning Soul – Rank 2/2

Improved Scorch – Rank 3/3

Master of Elements - Rank 3/3

Playing with Fire - Rank 3/3

Critical Mass – Rank 3/3

Fire Power – Rank 5/5

Pyromaniac – Rank 3/3

Combustion – Rank 1/1

Molten Fury - Rank 2/2

Empowered Fire – Rank 3/3

Hot Streak – Rank 3/3

Burnout – Rank 5/5

Living Bomb – Rank 1/1

Arcane (20 Points)

Arcane Subtlety - Rank 2/2

Arcane Focus – Rank 3/3

Arcane Concentration – Rank 5/5

Spell Impact – Rank 3/3

Student of the Mind – Rank 3/3

Focus Magic – Rank 1/1

Torment the Weak – Rank 3/3

Next we will take a look at a great Frost Mage Leveling Build that works great for solo play like questing as well as PVE group runs. CHECK IT OUT HERE

WoW Quest Helper – Getting Ready For Cataclysm

I am excited…

Depending on who you talk to the changes coming in World Of Warcraft Cataclysm are going to dramatically change the game we love either for the better or it will ruin the game.

Unlike any other expansion Blizzard has launched there are those that say the end is near.

So why am I so excited?

I am what you would call a “Toon Crafter” which means I love building different toons all the time…

Horde and Alliance as well as every different class..

This is mainly the reason I created this WoW Quest Helper review website.

Being a casual player like most who play the game I am always looking for ways to improve my gaming experience from leveling faster with a real and good in game WoW Quest Helper to learning how to make gold faster or even power level professions.

Sure I have a few toons a like to raid with as well as a main PVP/Arena toon but, the majority of my playing time is for “Toon Crafting”

Anyway, back to why I am so excited…

A couple reasons…

The introduction of the Worgen and Goblin Classes as well as ALL NEW racial start areas and questing paths…


I get to create toons without going through the same old boring quest lines that have been in the game forever.

New stories, new quests and a new challenge to power leveling for old and new players alike.

If you like “Toon Crafting” or you simply like being able to level toons easily and in the fastest time possible..

Check out my top rated WoW Quest Helper HERE

All new start areas mean having a WoW Quest Helper that is fully supported and always ready for patches as well as expansion packs. Getting out in front of the “leveling pack” is going to save a ton of headaches in Cataclysm.

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