Mage Leveling Guide For Cataclysm – WoW Mage Leveling Guide

Updated for the 4.0 patch and Cataclysm

Fire Mage seems to be the prevailing popular WoW Mage leveling build for Cataclysm. There are viable options in the Frost Spec that I will add later and the Arcane Tree seems to stay as a more viable option at higher levels.

Talents & WoW Mage Leveling Guide Options.

You get to choose your first talent point at level 10 and this means choosing a specialization. You will be either Fire, Frost or Arcane until level 69 (you must put 31 points in your primary specialization) You will then have 10 more points available to put in the other trees by level 85.

Mastery is a trainable skill that you have access to upon achieving level 80. Gear will come withMastery Rating, which will increase the Mastery effect much like Crit Rating does now. Whether stacking lots of Mastery is really worthwhile, compared to crit or anything else, remains to be seen and we won’t say much about it on this page.

You no longer learn several levels of spell. You buy the spell once and it scales as you level.

4.0 Fire Leveling Build

The Build For WoW Mage Leveling Fire Should Look Like This:

The Order You Want To Take Your Points:

  1. 2/2 Improved Fire Blast
  2. 2/2 Master of Elements
  3. 1/3 Burning Soul
  4. 3/3 Ignite
  5. 2/3 Fire power
  6. Blastwave
  7. Hot Streak
  8. 2/2 Cauterize
  9. 3/3 Fire Power
  10. Combustion
  11. 2/2 Blazing Speed
  12. Firestarter
  13. 1/2 Improved Hot streak
  14. Dragon’s Breath
  15. 3/3 Molten Fury
  16. 1/2 Improved Flamestrike
  17. 3/3 Critical Mass
  18. 2/2 Pyromaniac
  19. Living Bomb
  20. You can now take talents from the other trees
  21. 3/3 Piercing Ice
  22. 3/3 Netherwind Presence
  23. 2/3 Arcane Concentration
  24. 1/3 Improved Blink

Leveling Tips

The general routine is this: Keep the opposition at maximum range wherever possible and blast away. Use Frost Nova when the mob gets too close, get some range and blast away. You will probably want to have a wand handy for those rare times when you are low on mana, and use the wand when the mob is running away from you or your partner is tanking it.

Food – Keep well stocked. Regular foods are great if you need to recover a lot of HP. Beverages keep your mana up. Your Create WaterCreate Food are free, use them. You can usually find beverages that will recover more mana than the spell in certain level ranges, so grab those when appropriate, but again… the spell is free. :)

First Aid – An essential skill, too bad there isn’t a “first aid for Mana.” Keep it maxed.

Crafting- skip the crafting professions unless you have a ton of cash. If youi want to go for it, and you don’t need to gather stuff to sell, then there are a couple of good combiniations:

  • Herbalism and Alchemy – You’ll be able to create lots of very useful potions with the stuff that you gather, this keeps your costs way down.
  • Skinning and Mining (or Herbalism) – not that you have use for the pieces, but it’s a great money making combo. Builds Stam and Crit rating, too.
  • Tailoring and Enchanting – Enchanting is very expensive to level (that’s why there are so many ‘chanters in chat offering their services with your mats.)You can use it here, though, todisenchant many of the surplus items that you make with tailoring. The mats created will sell for more than the items. Or save the mats and use them for the enchants. By the way, some clothes sell for nice prices. Check them out before junking them.

Wands – these aren’t quite as useful as with other caster classes, since they mobs will usually be running towards you, rather than away from you (fear spells,) but if your tank is holding aggro and you’re low on mana, then wands are great.

Bank alt- make a bank alt so you can mail your stuff and get back to leveling. Yes, you can ‘port to the city, but ‘porting back to your leveling area isn’t quite so easy.

Develop eyes in the back of your head, especially on PvP servers. It’s not that you can’t do damage up close, it’s that you can’t take it. See what’s coming before it surpirses you and learn to love theFrost Nova, especially when sneaky things are about.

Leveling Your Mage In Cataclysm:

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WoW Questing Addon – Best WoW Leveling Addons For Cataclysm

WoW questing addon guides have been used by top power levelers for several years now. Many people know about the old WoW questhelper addons that aided in questing but was not really a true power leveling WoW questing addon.

These top addons started becoming available around the time of the Burning Crusade expansion and were used by tons of players heading into the WotLK expansion.

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The biggest asset of the best WoW Questing addon guides is SUPPORT.

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Questhelper WoW 4.0 And Leading Into Cataclysm

Many people have found out with patch 4.0 the frustrations with free addons like Quest Helper and them not working every time there is changes made by Blizzard.

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Best WoW Addons – What Are The Best WoW Addons?

When it comes to determining what are the best WoW addons it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

A hard core raider is going to think certain things are the best WoW addons while a casual player or someone that likes to level toons make think other are the best WoW addons.

There are the standard addons most people use like DBM(Deadly Boss Mods) which is a most if you are into raiding. Omen threat meter is also a great addon for raiders and most top raiding guilds will require you to have it installed as well.

There are also some class related addons like Paly Power that is considered a must have for anyone playing a paladin.

The best WoW addons for me have always been those that help me maximize my limited playing time. I am somewhat of a hardcore raider but I love leveling alts as well.

Trying to fit raiding and leveling new toons into a limited playing time schedule can be very difficult and even more so when you add in trying to work professions for gold, playing the Auction House and getting done whatever dailies you want.

This is why leveling addons have always been what I consider the best WoW Addons…

They help me level toons very quickly as well as getting done achievements like explorer, loremaster, mounts, etc.

Going into Cataclysm there is going to be all new start areas to figure out and I would much rather have an addon that helps me get through these without wasting a ton of playing time. There are going to be new dungeons to run, new raids to put together, new profession caps to raise but….

I also want to level Worgen and Goblin toons as well as say, maybe a Human Hunter…

This is why I believe that the best investment in your playing time is a good in game level guide.

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