Best Alliance Power Leveling Guide – Hit The Cap Fast

Years ago the best alliance power leveling guide could only be found in written guide books that were simply a pain to use. Constantly having to click in and out of the game to read what you need to do or go next.

It kind of took the fun out of the game and really did not save much time with all the in and out of the game.

Just before the launch of the WotLK expansion the best alliance power leveling guide changed dramatically.

WoW addon technology started introducing in game alliance power leveling guide addons that brought the best alliance leveling guide right into the UI of WoW.

These WoW addons are used by millions of players looking to level toons extremely fast AND maximize the limited playing time we all have to play World Of Warcraft. Known as WoW Quest Helper addons, they offer detailed questing and routing for the fastest way to level in WoW for Horde or Alliance.

In case you are wondering these guides are completely legal and I have been using them for about 3 years now with no trouble at all.

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You will find the best Alliance power leveling guide addons not only save playing time, they allow you to create and level toons in about 6-7 days!