Best WoW Addons – What Are The Best WoW Addons?

When it comes to determining what are the best WoW addons it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

A hard core raider is going to think certain things are the best WoW addons while a casual player or someone that likes to level toons make think other are the best WoW addons.

There are the standard addons most people use like DBM(Deadly Boss Mods) which is a most if you are into raiding. Omen threat meter is also a great addon for raiders and most top raiding guilds will require you to have it installed as well.

There are also some class related addons like Paly Power that is considered a must have for anyone playing a paladin.

The best WoW addons for me have always been those that help me maximize my limited playing time. I am somewhat of a hardcore raider but I love leveling alts as well.

Trying to fit raiding and leveling new toons into a limited playing time schedule can be very difficult and even more so when you add in trying to work professions for gold, playing the Auction House and getting done whatever dailies you want.

This is why leveling addons have always been what I consider the best WoW Addons…

They help me level toons very quickly as well as getting done achievements like explorer, loremaster, mounts, etc.

Going into Cataclysm there is going to be all new start areas to figure out and I would much rather have an addon that helps me get through these without wasting a ton of playing time. There are going to be new dungeons to run, new raids to put together, new profession caps to raise but….

I also want to level Worgen and Goblin toons as well as say, maybe a Human Hunter…

This is why I believe that the best investment in your playing time is a good in game level guide.

You can check out some videos and reviews of my favorite at the home page or just by Clicking Here.

The best WoW addons for leveling in the shortest time possible these days are:

Booster: http://www.BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.comoffering a free Cataclysm update so you can use it now and be ready for Cataclysm

Dugis: http://www.DugisUltimateGuides.comoffering a free Cataclysm update as well.

Zygor: http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.comthe best in game addon interface.