BlizzConn 2011 and WOW Next Expansion

Excitement has built to a fevered pitch for BlizzCon 2011 happening in Anaheim, California this very week.  Tickets are sold out to attend in person but they are still available for the virtual ticket, which allows for online viewing of the events, panels, and tournaments all in high definition with a 720p stream. In addition, you’ll get an exclusive WOW in-game pet and be able to view the closing concert. There will also be a limited access free stream as well if you don’t want to spend the $40 for the virtual ticket. Fingers are crossed that the Friday event – World of Warcraft Preview will be discussing the upcoming content updates including the next expansion release. Will the rumors of ‘Mists of Pandaria’ be confirmed? And hopefully they will confirm the 2Q 2012 release.  To find out more information and get your virtual ticket check out