Cataclysm QuestHelper – Finding The Best Cataclysm Quest Helper Addon

As we all know Cataclysm changes many thing in World Of Warcraft and this includes all new racial start and questing areas for everyone as well as a new level cap. This means new quests for all new players and alts as well as questing from level 80-85.

Questing always has been and will always be the fastest way to level in WoW.

There has always been much debate about the quickest way to level a toon in WoW but, as a player that has power leveled every class in the game and some multiple times, I can tell you that without a doubt questing is the only real way to power level IF you have a great Cataclysm Quest Helper to guide you through.

Now most of the best Cataclysm Quest helper addons are not free but there is a reason. Free quest helper programs generally are broken more than they work AND they are not true in game WoW power leveling guides. The other key issue is support. The best Cataclysm Questhelper addons have a support team that constantly work on the quest pathing and details of their guides to make sure they are ALWAYS up to date and working.

Let’s face it, we pay a monthly fee to play WoW along with the cost of buying the game and all the expansions, does it not make sense to have the best Cataclysm Quest Helper addons so we can make the most of our limited playing time? I think it’s a no brainer for sure.

So what are the best Cataclysm Quest helper addons?

What I believe to be the top 3 are listed below. You can also check out my WoW Quest Helper Review main page by CLICKING HERE


Booster has quickly become very popular as the fastest in game questhelper addon. it has a very nice and small interface that is nice as it does not take up much gaming space. The team at Booster also offers the best collection of class related videos to their members as well as a very slick talent point function that helps you build the fastest leveling spec for any class. They are offering FREE Cataclysm upgrades for anyone that wants to get the Booster Questhelper prior to launch date.  Power level those alts now and be ready when Cataclysm hits

Visit The Booster Homepage at or Just CLICK HERE


Zygor has one of the easiest installs and probably the coolest interface of all the Cataclysm Quest helper addons. Zygor is known for superior support and being ready for patches and expansions well before they hit. They also offer daily quest and holiday seasonal quest helper guides for those that like getting those achievements.

Visit They Zygor Homepage at or Just CLICK HERE


Dugi is known by most as the king of WoW questhelper and in game WoW guides because of the large amount of different in game guides he offers players. not the fastest power leveling guide but Dugi does offer awesome support to his members as well as in game guides for pretty much everything you want to do in WoW. Dugi Also offers tons of freebies in the way of gaming tips and tricks all year long. Certainly the best value for getting pretty much everything WoW realted.

Visit Dugis Homepage at or Just CLICK HERE