Cataclysm Warrior Professions

Cataclysm Warrior Professions

Blacksmithing and the associated gathering profession, Mining, are the stereotypical Cataclysm warrior professions – and, like many stereotypical professions, are highly useful to the class they are associated with. Blacksmithing allows your character to make weapons and armor for themselves, as well as for sale, and can also be used to make two extra gem sockets for your character’s gear, which can be a huge boost to endgame statistics. Mining is mostly used to supply free materials for the main profession.

Several other primary professions have some use for warriors also, however. These include Alchemy, which can supply flasks and potions of various kinds, including very useful healing potions which may “save your character’s bacon” during solo questing and the like. Engineering is mostly useful for player versus player (PvP) oriented characters, though its utility items, such as portable mailboxes and repair NPCs who can be summoned inside instances, are also very useful to many characters.

Although primary professions are usually the ones considered when planning a character’s professions, there are several secondary professions which also make good Cataclysm warrior professions. These are First Aid and Cooking, which, despite their rather flabby sound, are skills that no warrior should eschew.

First Aid’s advantages are self evident – the weakest part of the warrior class is their inability to heal themselves, and First Aid can partially offset this, especially in solo questing situations. A rapid heal from a bandage can keep your warrior in action more constantly than the slow healing from eating, while there are other possibilities as well. For example, when injured enemies flee, your warrior can often take the opportunity to heal themselves with a bandage, since it can be used while the character is still “in combat”.

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First Aid can also be useful in a raiding situation for damage-dealing fury warriors. Since most healing will be concentrated on the tank, your character can ease the burden on healers by stepping back from the conflict briefly to heal themselves with a bandage, thus reversing the effects of area of effect attacks and the like. You can also use it for a quick heal on other character in the same situation.

Cooking offers a number of very useful self buffs, ranging from Strength and Stamina gains to Attack Power and Haste. The higher level the food your warrior can make, the better and more various the buffs this profession offers. This can be invaluable for any warrior when solo questing.

Your choice of Cataclysm warrior professions is, of course, up to you, but the most effective combination of professions is Blacksmithing, Mining, First Aid, and Cooking. Cooking will cover the self buffs that you will miss out on by foregoing such professions as Alchemy, First Aid will cover emergency healing, and the two primary professions will give you a considerable gear advantage, especially when your character first reaches level 85.