Cataclysm Warrior Professions

Cataclysm Warrior Professions

Blacksmithing and the associated gathering profession, Mining, are the stereotypical Cataclysm warrior professions – and, like many stereotypical professions, are highly useful to the class they are associated with. Blacksmithing allows your character to make weapons and armor for themselves, as well as for sale, and can also be used to make two extra gem sockets for your character’s gear, which can be a huge boost to endgame statistics. Mining is mostly used to supply free materials for the main profession.

Several other primary professions have some use for warriors also, however. These include Alchemy, which can supply flasks and potions of various kinds, including very useful healing potions which may “save your character’s bacon” during solo questing and the like. Engineering is mostly useful for player versus player (PvP) oriented characters, though its utility items, such as portable mailboxes and repair NPCs who can be summoned inside instances, are also very useful to many characters.

Although primary professions are usually the ones considered when planning a character’s professions, there are several secondary professions which also make good Cataclysm warrior professions. These are First Aid and Cooking, which, despite their rather flabby sound, are skills that no warrior should eschew.

First Aid’s advantages are self evident – the weakest part of the warrior class is their inability to heal themselves, and First Aid can partially offset this, especially in solo questing situations. A rapid heal from a bandage can keep your warrior in action more constantly than the slow healing from eating, while there are other possibilities as well. For example, when injured enemies flee, your warrior can often take the opportunity to heal themselves with a bandage, since it can be used while the character is still “in combat”.

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First Aid can also be useful in a raiding situation for damage-dealing fury warriors. Since most healing will be concentrated on the tank, your character can ease the burden on healers by stepping back from the conflict briefly to heal themselves with a bandage, thus reversing the effects of area of effect attacks and the like. You can also use it for a quick heal on other character in the same situation.

Cooking offers a number of very useful self buffs, ranging from Strength and Stamina gains to Attack Power and Haste. The higher level the food your warrior can make, the better and more various the buffs this profession offers. This can be invaluable for any warrior when solo questing.

Your choice of Cataclysm warrior professions is, of course, up to you, but the most effective combination of professions is Blacksmithing, Mining, First Aid, and Cooking. Cooking will cover the self buffs that you will miss out on by foregoing such professions as Alchemy, First Aid will cover emergency healing, and the two primary professions will give you a considerable gear advantage, especially when your character first reaches level 85.


Mists of Pandaria – Fourth WOW Expansion Set Announced!

Today, Warcraft fans finally got the official news from Blizzard about the next WOW expansion to be released. The BlizzCon Panel was an hour and a half long and the World of Warcraft team went into more detail on the new zones, playable race, new class, and exciting new features of the game’s next expansion. Truly everything we hoped for and more! Below is a list of the exciting new features in this expansion – the WOW team has truly outdone themselves with this expansion and we aren’t sure how we can contain ourselves waiting for this to arrive in 2012! No release date has yet been named but rumored for second quarter 2012, possibly even late first quarter.

  • New playable race – The Pandaren. The first class to be a neutral race. Once players reach level 10 they will be able to decide if they want to align with the Alliance or Horde faction.
  • New class – The Monk which will focus on the ways of ancient martial arts.
    • Includes the Brewmaster (tank), the mistweaver (healer), and Windwalker (melee DPS). The Goblins and Worgen are the only races that cannot be monks.
    • New Level cap of 90
  • Six new dungeons.
  • Major updates to the existing Scholomance and the Scarlet Monastery
  • New creature breeds:
    • Hozu – Monkey-like troublemakers
    • Jinyu – Fish-like carp
    • Verming – Similar to Kobold race
    • Mantid – Praying Mantis-like enemies of the Pandaren
    • Mogu – Original inhabitants of Pandaria
  • New talent system completely redone to so that class progression is now three areas – Class abilities, Spec abilities, and Talents. Level 10 a spec is chosen and every fifteen levels players choose a talent.
  • PvE Scenarios – overhaul of group quests.
  • Challenge Mode dungeons
  • Pet Battle System – Name your pets, build their skills, battle with other players’ pets, sell and buy at the Auction House,  and discover Wild Pets to defeat and add to your collection.

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BlizzConn 2011 and WOW Next Expansion

Excitement has built to a fevered pitch for BlizzCon 2011 happening in Anaheim, California this very week.  Tickets are sold out to attend in person but they are still available for the virtual ticket, which allows for online viewing of the events, panels, and tournaments all in high definition with a 720p stream. In addition, you’ll get an exclusive WOW in-game pet and be able to view the closing concert. There will also be a limited access free stream as well if you don’t want to spend the $40 for the virtual ticket. Fingers are crossed that the Friday event – World of Warcraft Preview will be discussing the upcoming content updates including the next expansion release. Will the rumors of ‘Mists of Pandaria’ be confirmed? And hopefully they will confirm the 2Q 2012 release.  To find out more information and get your virtual ticket check out

Questing Addon – Top WoW Questing Addon For Cataclysm

Questing addon leveling guides have been around for several years and are the fastest way to level in WoW hands down.

With the incredible changes in all racial starting areas as well as the addition of Worgen and Goblin classes a good WoW questing addon can really help maximize a players limited playing time. There is also the additional levels of 80-85 with the raising of the level cap.

Top questing addon guides like Zygors ( have already released WoW questing addon versions with the new racial start areas and have their Cataclysm 80-85 areas ready to go.

Many regard these addons as the best available for World Of Warcraft because they allow players to level quickly and still have playing time to work professions, Battlegrounds and other social aspects of the game. This is because these addons streamline the questing / leveling process by giving players an in game guide that directs them through the best quests for leveling while eliminating those that are simply time wasters.

There are several options available for these Cataclysm ready WoW questing addon guides and you can view the best at my WoW Quest Helper Page by CLICKING HERE.

The top 3 that already have the new racial start areas and Cataclysm quest lines are:

Quest Helper Patch 4.0.3a – Our World Has Changed And So Must Our QuestHelper

Patch 4.0.3a changes the World Of Warcraft completely and adds many exciting changes to the game. This includes the need for a WoW Quest Helper 4.0.3a version that works with the all new racial start areas so we can start leveling our new race/class combinations (minus Worgens & Goblins of course)

I am excited about the all new racial starting areas and being able to fire up my favorite questhelper programs that have stated they are ready to go with all the questing changes in the game.

The best WoW Quest Helper patch 4.0.3a options are still the same we have been following and recommending on our main WoW Quest Helper Review page you can find by CLICKING HERE

The best questhelper programs available for this patch and to be ready for Cataclysm are:

Booster WoW Leveling Addon

Currently the top option for the fastest in game leveling quest helper. Booster offers free lifetime upgrades which means you will never have to worry about searching for a wow quest helper options that works. Gone are the days of quest helper breaking for days or weeks on end because of patches or expansions.

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Dugis Ultimate Guides

Dugi has a proven track record for being ready for patches and expansions well ahead of time and has one of the top support staffs you will find anywhere in the gaming community. Dugi announced weeks ago he was ready for patch 4.0.3a and Cataclysm. You cannot go wrong with this in game QuestHelper.

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Zygors Quest Helper

Zygor has probably the coolest questhelper interface in the game and is also well known for having staff members in beta testing and tweaking his guides. Always a sure bet to be ready for patch and expansion changes.

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WoW Goblin – WoW Goblin Cataclysm Starting Zone

The WoW Goblin is the new Horde race being added with the Cataclysm expansion. The WoW Goblin will offer the ability to play the warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, priest, shaman, warlock and of course the death night.

Here is a great video showing more about the WoW Goblin and the WoW Goblin cataclysm starting zone.

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The Fastest In Game Leveling QuestHelper For WoW Cataclysm

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Best WoW Addons – What Are The Best WoW Addons?

When it comes to determining what are the best WoW addons it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

A hard core raider is going to think certain things are the best WoW addons while a casual player or someone that likes to level toons make think other are the best WoW addons.

There are the standard addons most people use like DBM(Deadly Boss Mods) which is a most if you are into raiding. Omen threat meter is also a great addon for raiders and most top raiding guilds will require you to have it installed as well.

There are also some class related addons like Paly Power that is considered a must have for anyone playing a paladin.

The best WoW addons for me have always been those that help me maximize my limited playing time. I am somewhat of a hardcore raider but I love leveling alts as well.

Trying to fit raiding and leveling new toons into a limited playing time schedule can be very difficult and even more so when you add in trying to work professions for gold, playing the Auction House and getting done whatever dailies you want.

This is why leveling addons have always been what I consider the best WoW Addons…

They help me level toons very quickly as well as getting done achievements like explorer, loremaster, mounts, etc.

Going into Cataclysm there is going to be all new start areas to figure out and I would much rather have an addon that helps me get through these without wasting a ton of playing time. There are going to be new dungeons to run, new raids to put together, new profession caps to raise but….

I also want to level Worgen and Goblin toons as well as say, maybe a Human Hunter…

This is why I believe that the best investment in your playing time is a good in game level guide.

You can check out some videos and reviews of my favorite at the home page or just by Clicking Here.

The best WoW addons for leveling in the shortest time possible these days are:

Booster: http://www.BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.comoffering a free Cataclysm update so you can use it now and be ready for Cataclysm

Dugis: http://www.DugisUltimateGuides.comoffering a free Cataclysm update as well.

Zygor: http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.comthe best in game addon interface.

Loremaster of Kalimdor – Fastest Way To Get Loremaster Of Kalimdor

This is how I get my toons through the Loremaster of Kalimdor part of the loremaster achievement in World Of Warcraft.

Most people will find they have a ton of quests to complete on Kalimdor and even more so if you are not a night elf to get the Loremaster of Kalimdor achievement when working on the Loremaster achievements.

I have used this on 4 of my level 80 toons and it makes working this achievement so much faster because you don’t have to wander around trying to find quests.

I use my Booster Leveling addon because I can set it to the Night Elf start area and Booster guides me through all of the Nelf quests from level 1 on up. As a level 80 you can knock out all of these quests so fast!

Booster will also take you through pretty much all of the level range quest lines one Kalimdor and allow you to get the Loremaster of Kalimdor achievement very quickly. I did it in 2 days and it was so simple.

Check out Booster at:

You can get your loremaster achievements for all areas with Booster very quickly AND you will also have an awesome in game leveling guide for power leveling alt toons.

Booster is offering FREE Cataclysm updates if you get it now!

You can get your loremaster achievement easy as well as faction reps, mount achievements because you get the faction mounts, explorer achievements AND

You will have the best in game power leveling addon when Cataclysm is released. Easily power level Worgens, Goblins and all the other Horde / Alliance races.

Loremaster Guide – Get Loremaster Fast With An Addon

Looking for a loremaster guide?

One of the fastest loremaster addon guides for World Of Warcraft are the in game leveling guides players use to power level toons.

How do you do it if you have a level 80?

I use the Booster Addon by taking one of my level 80′s and selecting the start guides for all the races other than my own. This is the best and fastest loremaster guide you will find for getting the Loremaster title in World Of Warcraft.

If my toon is a human I will use my in game leveling guide as a loremaster addon by selecting say, the night elf start area. The guide will start up as if you were a level 1 night elf and guide you through all of the night elf quests.

Then you can do the same for dwarf, draeni and gnome.

I prefer the Booster Addon that you can check out on their home page because it has the fastest quest routing.

You can also use Dugis Ultimate guides at: or Zygors Guide at:

Any of these work awesome as a loremaster guide for WoW and they are the only thing I have found that work as a fast Loremaster addon.

WoW Leveling Addons – The Best Power Leveling Tool For Players

WoW Leveling Addons are the very best way to level extremely fast in World Of Warcraft and maximize limited playing time.

WoW Leveling Addon – The Fastest Way to Level in World of Warcraft

By Steve Phipps

There has been much debate over the best WoW leveling addon for quite some time now. If you do not already know, these addon programs are designed to help players level faster in World Of Warcraft by providing some sort of guidance through questing.

Each WoW leveling addon has there own features and some are certainly much more effective than others at helping you level. Some of the things you want to make sure your addon for leveling in World Of Warcraft has before you choose which one to start using.

  • It must show you where to pick up quests as well as how to perform and turn them in when completed.
  • It must have a directional arrow to guide you through quests as this is the easiest way to level.
  • It must provide very good technical support due to patches and changes in the game that will require changes to your addon.

These are the basic things you will want to have on your leveling addon. Each of them will add their own unique features or bonuses to the must have list above but as long as you have the required tools to help make leveling faster the rest is just icing on the cake.

More than just some program to help you level faster by questing. These WoW leveling addon programs also eliminate those quests that are basically time wasters that do not provide good reward or experience for the time spent trying to complete them.

The nice thing is that there are a wide range of these programs you can choose from and as long as you have the basics provided in the must have list above you will be fine and level at a faster pace than you could ever imagine.

Interested in checking out some of the best WoW leveling addon programs available today? The author is an avid World Of Warcraft player and has spent the time to create some great video reviews of the top programs available to day.

You can get the latest information and watch some of these programs in action at his website.

WoW Quest Helper Reviews

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