Hunter Leveling Guide | Cataclysm Hunter Leveling Guide

Welcome to our WoW Hunter Leveling Guide section as we start our Hunter Leveling Guide for WoW Catacylsm.

As you probably already know Cataclysm is making major changes to hunters which will render all older Hunter Leveling Guide information pretty much useless.

Our goal with this hunter leveling guide is to start putting together new and relevant information for those looking to start or continue Hunter play into Cataclysm.

Make sure you have your Dugis Ultimate Guide, Booster Leveling Addon or Zygors Guide ready to go as leveling is going to change completely and having one of these great WoW leveling addons is going to make it much easier in WoWCat.

Our current top pick is Dugis Ultimate Guides because Dugi has a proven track record of being updated and ready for expansions and patches AND has recently announced FREE Cataclysm updates to his guides. This means you can get your addon set up now and be ready to upgrade quickly at WoWCat time.

Booster Leveling Addon has also announced free Cataclysm updates but they are relatively new so they do not have the track record of Dugi.

Let’s start the WoW Catacylsm Hunter Leveling Guide

The biggest change to Hunters will be that they no longer will be using mana and will switch to using “focus”.

Focus is an energy that Hunters will need to build up and Intellect will play no roll in the amount of or building up of focus.

Haste will play a roll in Focus regeneration and as a base Hunters will generate roughly 6 focus per second.

New Hunter Abilities

These are the new Hunter abilities thus far and we will be updating our Hunter Leveling Guide as new information becomes available.

Level 81 – Cobra Shot – Looking to be the signature shot for BM hunters because of talents in the BM tree that will enhance Cobra shot. This shot deals nature damage and shares a cool down with Steady Shot.

Level 83 – Trap Launcher – When used allows next trap to be shot within 40 yards and applies the Freezing Affect to all traps. Trap Launcher has a one minute cool down.

Level 85 – Camouflage – This ability simply makes the Hunter immune to range attacks but will still take damage from melee and AoE attacks. Dealing or taking damage will break Camouflage.

We are constantly searching and researching for more information to add to our Hunter Leveling Guide for WoWCat. If you have or know of some great information we can research and add please leave a comment below.