Holy Paladin Quest Helper Guide

As the only healers in Azeroth capable of wearing plate armor and carrying a shield, holy paladins stand out through their use of unique healing mechanics and rotations as well. Paladin healing differs more from all other types of healing (druid, priest, and shaman) than they differ from each other. Learning this healing spec can be rewarding, but there are always more details to be learned from a holy paladin guide, and if you are serious about making the most of this spec, you should dedicate yourself to finding out as much as possible to improve your game.

This is especially true since the Cataclysm expansion reworked paladin healing heavily. Spamming Flash of Light, which was formerly the main holy paladin healing method, is no longer a viable approach and you must make use of new tactics in order to be an effective paladin healer.

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Holy paladins now use larger, slower heals for their main healing efforts, as well as maintaining Beacon of Light on the main tank to ensure that healing effects on other characters will benefit the tank as well. A holy paladin preparing for a fight in an endgame dungeon should apply their Resistance Aura (which will be enhanced by Aura Mastery to a highly useful degree), put Beacon of Light on the tank or main tank, and apply Seal of Insight to themselves.

Holy Light is now the backbone of the holy paladin healing rotation. Flash of Light is only used at especially crucial moments, since it will swiftly drain out your character’s mana pool. Divine Light represents a midpoint between these two heals. All paladin specs now accumulate Holy Power, which can be used to cast certain spells that otherwise cannot be cast. Holy paladins should use their Holy Power whenever it builds up three charges; if only the tank is taking damage, then Word of Glory is a good use for Holy Power, since it is a powerful single target heal. If several characters are taking damage, use Light of Dawn instead.

As with all well-honed endgame classes, finding the right combination of statistics for your holy paladin’s gear is crucial to the character’s success also. As with all mana-based spellcasting classes, Intellect is now the main stat for holy paladins, providing not only a larger man pool but spellpower as well. Interestingly, the once useless Spirit is now the second best choice for holy paladins, and should also be stacked while choosing your character’s gear.

Haste and Crit are of some use to a holy paladin, while Mastery and Spellpower are feeble but can be added if you have nothing better to add. Weapon enchantments are either Heartsong (which improves mana regeneration) or Power Torrent (which will give you boosts to the amount healed), while other enchantments and gems should focus on Intellect, then the other stats secondarily.

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Paladin Talent Builds – The Best Paladin Leveling Build

Paladin Talent Builds are extremely hot right now with WoW forums discussing them actively.

The Paladin class has 3 excellent Paladin Leveling Build options with Holy, Protection, and Retribution.

There certainly are differences where and how you would play each of these Paladin talent builds while leveling up.

In any case, all three of these Paladin Talent Builds are excellent choices but the top pick for the highest rated WoW Paladin build for anyone lookin to play in Cataclysm is a Holy/Protection/Retribution Paladin as shown below.

Level 85 Holy Paladin PVE/Leveling Build (32/5/4)


Level 85 Paladin (32/5/4)

Holy (32 Points)

Protector of the Innocent – Rank 3/3
Casting a targeted
heal on any target, except yourself, also heals you for 2605 to 2997.

Judgements of the Pure – Rank 3/3
Your Judgement
increases your casting and melee haste by 9% for 1 min.

Clarity of
– Rank 3/3
Reduces the casting time of your Holy Light and Divine
Light spells by 0.5 sec.

Last Word – Rank 1/2
Gives your Word
of Glory a 30% increased critical chance when used on targets with 35% or less

Divine Favor – Rank 1/1
Increases your spell casting
haste by 20% and spell critical chance by 20% for 20 sec.

Infusion of
– Rank 2/2
Increases the critical effect chance of your Holy Shock
by 10%. In addition, your Holy Shock critical effects reduce the cast time of
your next Flash of Light, Holy Light or Divine Light by 1.50

Daybreak – Rank 2/2
Your Flash of Light, Holy Light and
Divine Light have a 20% chance to make your next Holy Shock not trigger a
cooldown if used within 12 sec.

Enlightened Judgements – Rank
Grants hit rating equal to 100% of any Spirit gained from items or
effects, and increases the range of your Judgement by 10 yards. In addition,
your Judgement instantly heals you for 2481 to

Beacon of Light – Rank 1/1
The target becomes a
Beacon of Light to all targets within a 60 yard radius. Each heal you cast
except Holy Light on those targets will also heal the Beacon for 50% of the
amount healed. Holy Light will heal for 100% of the amount. Only one target can
be the Beacon of Light at a time. Lasts 5 min.

Speed of Light -
Rank 3/3
Grants 3% spell haste and reduces the cooldown of Holy Radiance by
40 sec. Casting Holy Radiance or Divine Protection increases your movement speed
by 60% for 4 sec.

Sacred Cleansing – Rank 1/1
Your Cleanse
spell now also dispels 1 Magic effect.

Conviction – Rank
Gives you a 3% bonus to damage and healing for 15 sec after causing a
critical effect from a weapon swing, non-periodic spell, or ability. This effect
stacks up to 3 times.

Aura Mastery – Rank 1/1
Causes your
Concentration Aura to make all affected targets immune to Silence and Interrupt
effects and improve the effect of Devotion Aura, Resistance Aura, and
Retribution Aura by 100%. Lasts 6 sec.

Paragon of Virtue – Rank
Reduces the cooldown of Divine Protection by 20 sec, Hand of Sacrifice by
30 sec and Avenging Wrath by 60 sec.

Tower of Radiance – Rank
Healing the target of your Beacon of Light with Flash of Light or Divine
Light has a 100% chance to generate a charge of Holy Power.

Light of
– Rank 1/1
Consumes all Holy Power to send a wave of healing energy
before you, healing up to 5 of the most injured
targets in your party or raid within a 30 yard frontal cone for 606
to 674 per charge of Holy Power.

Protection (5 Points)

Divinity – Rank 3/3
Increases all healing done by you and
all healing effects on you by 6%.

Eternal Glory – Rank 2/2
Word of Glory has a 30% chance not to consume Holy Power.

Retribution (4 Points)

Crusade – Rank 3/3
Increases the damage of your Crusader
Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, and Templar’s Verdict by 30%, and the damage
and healing of your Holy Shock by 30%. In addition, for 15 sec after you kill an
enemy that yields experience or honor, your next Holy Light heals for an
additional 300%.

Improved Judgement – Rank 1/2
Increases the
range of your Judgement by 10 yards.



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Leveling Paladins in WoW Cataclysm

Paladins, armored in plate, wielding the power of the Light, blasting their foes with holy fire and standing as a bulwark between their companions and some of the most dreadful villains in the World of Warcraft game, are a signature class of WoW, and offer a lot of utility to their players. Able to damage, heal, and survive, these tough, versatile characters are available to both factions and have seen enough improvements to finally be fairly equal to other classes. Leveling paladins in WoW Cataclysm is a fairly rapid process thanks to the flexibility and durability of the class.

Most people who level paladins to 85 quickly do so in Retribution spec, because this talent specialization offers the highest damage per second of the three talent trees. Their high damage potential means that they can cut their way quickly through all kinds of content, including quests, dungeons, and battlegrounds. They specialize in wielding two-handed weapons.

However, leveling as protection paladin is another way of leveling paladins in WoW Cataclysm that will bear fruit if done properly. These paladins are able to survive fighting a small crowd of opponents at the same time, using Avenger’s Shield, Consecration, and other AoE abilities to wear down multiple opponents at once.

You will also be able to use your character as a tank in level appropriate instances, and since tanks are extremely rare, you will probably find that instance queues are seldom longer than a minute when you are playing your protection paladin. Of course, tanking requires both skill and maturity, as well as patience in dealing with other people, so be certain that you don’t mind being the monsters’ punching bag before you start your character on a career as a paladin tank.

Leveling as a holy paladin is not particularly viable if you try to do so through ordinary questing. The damage potential of this spec is very low, and although your character will probably never die on a level-appropriate quest, killing an opponent will probably take ten minutes or so with the feeble damage output your character is capable of. However, there are ways to level up as a holy paladin more efficiently.

One of these ways is to become a battleground healer. Healers are in short supply in the lower level battlegrounds, and if you use your character skillfully, you may be able to turn the tide of the whole battleground with well-placed heals. For example, in Warsong Gulch, heal the flag carrier; in Arathi Basin, heal people who are defending a critical base such as the Blacksmith.

An even more efficient way to level as a holy paladin is to heal instance groups. Since healers are fairly rare, you will benefit from short queue times and will be able to squeeze in numerous instances in a few hours of play.

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