WoW Warlock Leveling Guide

Leveling as a warlock in World of Warcraft is fairly swift, thanks to the high damage that the class is capable of – though this is somewhat counterbalanced by the fact that the class can only wear cloth armor, and is thus, in the parlance of the game, classified as “squishy”. The use of summoned demon pets for tanking is one way to offset this problem, as is skillful use of fear-based abilities to keep enemies at arm’s length. This latter technique has the disadvantage of possibly drawing extra creatures into the fight, however. This WoW warlock leveling guide has several suggestions to make leveling with this class easier, as well.

Warlocks are fairly resilient and interesting to play, as long as you make the most of their unique abilities. For example, as soon as these spells become available, you should have a Healthstone and a Soulstone available at all times while there is any risk of your warlock being attacked or killed.

Hotkey the Healthstone so that you will not need to sift desperately through your character’s packs while some creature pummels them nearer and nearer to death. Healthstones are best used when you are not quite desperate yet, since at that point, the stone is unlikely to swing the fight in your character’s favor, but just make it more likely that they can escape. If the worst happens, then a Soulstone can save your character a graveyard run – although you should check to see if any enemies are wandering nearby before resurrecting.

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Life Tap is a good way to keep your warlock moving rapidly through content. This spell converts life into mana, allowing your warlock to “mana up” quickly after a fight – or even during one, when mana begins to run low. Taking the First Aid secondary profession is a perfect compliment to the Life Tap spell. Rapid mana regeneration, followed by rapid healing (both of which can be carried out while the character is “in combat”), can be used effectively while the warlock’s pet tanks for them.
Race makes fairly little difference in the performance of this class, as any WoW warlock leveling guide will tell you. Faction can make a difference if you want to PvP with your warlock, since the Horde has a considerable mechanical advantage in player versus player action, but the specific race is immaterial.

Affliction, demonology, and destruction, the three warlock talent specializations, are all fairly viable as leveling specs, though demonology is slightly in advance of the other two. This is because it provides the Felguard – a high-damage, moderately good at tanking demon unique to the spec – and reinforces the abilities of the other demons as well. Just as with a Beast Mastery hunter, making the warlock’s pet better able to tank and kill opponents speeds the warlock’s leveling overall.

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