WoW Fury Warrior Rotation for Mists of Pandaria

Fury warriors are one of the flashiest warrior specs in World of Warcraft, wielding a one-handed weapon in either hand and, after they have specced into Titan’s Grip, wielding two two-handed weapons instead. They are a high damage talent specialization which is paradoxically poor at fighting in battlegrounds, and is focused almost wholly on PvE content. The WoW fury warrior rotation for Cataclysm remains fairly familiar to players of this spec, but has a few tweaks that should be noted.

The Colossus Smash move is now the only viable opener for a fury warrior rotation, due to the fact that it not only deals a large amount of damage, but also allows the warrior to bypass the target’s armor protection for no less than 6 seconds. This allows your character to make a series of attacks with basically no mitigation reducing the damage done – a huge advantage with highly armored enemies, elites, and in particular endgame raid bosses.

There is no reason to use any other ability than Colossus Smash to open your rotation once it is available to your character. It should also be used on every cooldown – that is, every 20 seconds – in preference to any other attack. In short, once it is acquired, this ability becomes the defining move of your fury warrior, even more than Bloodthirst.

Bloodthirst is still a critical part of the WoW fury warrior rotation for Cataclysm, however, and you should use it as frequently as possible when your character is fighting. It both damages your foes and heals your character, so it is central to your rotation. Since it has a three second cooldown, you will basically be alternating it with other attacks.

Raging Blow occupies a very important place in your fury warrior’s rotation as well, but since it depends on a random proc – the Enraged state – it cannot be set to any hard and fast rule. When Enrage procs, your character will be Enraged for a full 9 seconds, assuming that you have put 3/3 talent points into the talent, as every fury warrior ought to do. Since Raging Blow has a 6 second cooldown, this means that your character can use Raging Blow twice before the Enraged effect ends, assuming that you keep your wits about you and make sure that you use it as soon as it becomes available.

When your enemy is at a low point for health, there are several different approaches to finishing them off. One is to simply “spam” Execute as often as possible until your foe dies. This approach has the advantage of simplicity and directness. Or, you can alternate between Execute and Bloodthirst, which will have the beneficial effect of allowing your warrior to end the fight with a bit more health than would be the case with a simple Execute spam – though both approaches are viable in a WoW fury warrior rotation for Cataclysm.

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Cataclysm Warrior Professions

Cataclysm Warrior Professions

Blacksmithing and the associated gathering profession, Mining, are the stereotypical Cataclysm warrior professions – and, like many stereotypical professions, are highly useful to the class they are associated with. Blacksmithing allows your character to make weapons and armor for themselves, as well as for sale, and can also be used to make two extra gem sockets for your character’s gear, which can be a huge boost to endgame statistics. Mining is mostly used to supply free materials for the main profession.

Several other primary professions have some use for warriors also, however. These include Alchemy, which can supply flasks and potions of various kinds, including very useful healing potions which may “save your character’s bacon” during solo questing and the like. Engineering is mostly useful for player versus player (PvP) oriented characters, though its utility items, such as portable mailboxes and repair NPCs who can be summoned inside instances, are also very useful to many characters.

Although primary professions are usually the ones considered when planning a character’s professions, there are several secondary professions which also make good Cataclysm warrior professions. These are First Aid and Cooking, which, despite their rather flabby sound, are skills that no warrior should eschew.

First Aid’s advantages are self evident – the weakest part of the warrior class is their inability to heal themselves, and First Aid can partially offset this, especially in solo questing situations. A rapid heal from a bandage can keep your warrior in action more constantly than the slow healing from eating, while there are other possibilities as well. For example, when injured enemies flee, your warrior can often take the opportunity to heal themselves with a bandage, since it can be used while the character is still “in combat”.

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First Aid can also be useful in a raiding situation for damage-dealing fury warriors. Since most healing will be concentrated on the tank, your character can ease the burden on healers by stepping back from the conflict briefly to heal themselves with a bandage, thus reversing the effects of area of effect attacks and the like. You can also use it for a quick heal on other character in the same situation.

Cooking offers a number of very useful self buffs, ranging from Strength and Stamina gains to Attack Power and Haste. The higher level the food your warrior can make, the better and more various the buffs this profession offers. This can be invaluable for any warrior when solo questing.

Your choice of Cataclysm warrior professions is, of course, up to you, but the most effective combination of professions is Blacksmithing, Mining, First Aid, and Cooking. Cooking will cover the self buffs that you will miss out on by foregoing such professions as Alchemy, First Aid will cover emergency healing, and the two primary professions will give you a considerable gear advantage, especially when your character first reaches level 85.


WoW Cataclysm Fury Warrior Guide

Fury warriors are the damage per second (DPS) talent specialization of warriors in World of Warcraft, though unlike other classes’ DPS specs, they are paradoxically poor in battlegrounds unless they are both highly geared and played with extreme skill. As any WoW Cataclysm fury warrior guide will tell you, this spec has two primary uses – for rapid leveling, and for PvE damage in endgame raiding situations for those who prefer melee damage to ranged damage for these battles.

Fury warriors have recently become even poorer choices for PvP thanks to changes to Colossus Smash. This primary maneuver of the spec, used at the endgame, reduces the armor of your opponent for six seconds and is the only viable opener for a fury warrior rotation that means to inflict any meaningful damage.

Colossus Smash now removes 100% of the foe’s armor protection when the enemy is a non-player character (NPC), but only 50% if a player character is attacked. Thus, the PvE role of the Cataclysm fury warrior has been cemented even more firmly. Bloodthirst, the signature move of the spec, remains a valid mainstay move, along with Raging Blow, up until (and including) level 85.

The general consensus among players of high level fury warriors in a raiding environment is that Slam has no place in the fury rotation, and represents a DPS loss over almost any attack that could fill the same place in the rotation. As such, if you are serious about maximizing your DPS, this WoW Cataclysm fury warrior guide suggests skipping Slam under all circumstances until further changes are made or the raiding fanatics report that it does, indeed, have a place in the rotation.

The choice of a race for your fury warrior can have some impact on the effectiveness of your character as well. Although the differences are relatively small, there are some efficiencies to be gained by choosing one race over another. Humans are the main race choice for the Alliance, both due to their abilities with swords and maces, and the Every Man For Himself racial ability.

This is one of the most comprehensive escape abilities in the game, removing stuns, snares, mind control effects, and so on. A human fury warrior basically receives an extra trinket slot, since there are trinkets which duplicate this effect, and thus gains the benefit of one of these trinkets as well as whatever items you decide to place into those slots instead.

Orcs are the main racial choice for the Horde, thanks to their innate stun resistance, which is useful in many situations. They also gain extra damage with their enraging ability, which is something that any fury warrior always needs more of, and they also have some bonus expertise in axes, which can be useful or not depending on which equipment your character ends up using at the endgame.

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