Rogue Build Quest Helper for Leveling

Slipping through the shadows with a sword or dagger in either hand, able to enter hostile areas unseen thanks to their leather-clad stealth, striking with sudden, deadly accuracy and even deadlier poisons, rogues are an interesting and powerful class in World of Warcraft. Rogues are a popular choice for both Worgen and Goblins, the new races introduced with the Cataclysm expansion, since both have racial abilities that make rogues even stronger. When choosing a rogue build for leveling, you have several different options, depending on your style of play.

The leveling builds available to rogues – and indeed, to all classes – have been sharply limited by the changes to talent points which were introduced with the expansion, too. Formerly, it was possible to put a few talent points in one tree, then a few more in another, making a hybrid build almost from the start of your character’s career. Now, the first thirty-one talent points must all be spent in one tree, before the others are unlocked. Take a look at this Quest Helper to accelerate your leveling build.

Zygor WoW Quest Helper Guide

This means that your rogue will be leveling as an assassination, combat, or subtlety rogue, and not a hybrid of several specializations (“specs”). The choice of a rogue build for leveling is a bit more straightforward because of this. You will not need to spend hours searching the Internet for viable builds, and what is more, most of the useless talents have been pared out of the talent trees. It is difficult or impossible to create a truly crippled build any more – though you need to know what you are doing in order to get the most out of each talent tree.

If you opt for an Assassination leveling build, then you should take care, first and foremost, to equip your rogue with daggers. Combat is the only spec which is at all viable with other weapons in Cataclysm, and the days of the mace rogue are essentially numbered. Assassination focuses on the signature ability of Mutilate, which uses daggers, and on the use of poisons.

Leveling with a Combat build is well suited to the use of swords or axes for a higher damage per second, since this build is focused less on burst damage and more on sustained damage. This build is recommended if you want to fight groups of opponents rather than killing one or two before fading back into the shadows to recuperate. Subtlety, another dagger spec, is the most lethal build for single targets. Poorly armored opponents can often be slain with a single Ambush and Eviscerate combination, but this build has little staying power and you need to play it with subtlety, exactly as its name suggests.

When you choose your rogue build for leveling, you have several different choices, depending on the style of play you want to engage in. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, as a closer look at each spec reveals.

The best, fastest and most efficient way to level your Rouge is with the help of Booster WoW Quest Helper.

Holy Paladin Quest Helper Guide

As the only healers in Azeroth capable of wearing plate armor and carrying a shield, holy paladins stand out through their use of unique healing mechanics and rotations as well. Paladin healing differs more from all other types of healing (druid, priest, and shaman) than they differ from each other. Learning this healing spec can be rewarding, but there are always more details to be learned from a holy paladin guide, and if you are serious about making the most of this spec, you should dedicate yourself to finding out as much as possible to improve your game.

This is especially true since the Cataclysm expansion reworked paladin healing heavily. Spamming Flash of Light, which was formerly the main holy paladin healing method, is no longer a viable approach and you must make use of new tactics in order to be an effective paladin healer.

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Holy paladins now use larger, slower heals for their main healing efforts, as well as maintaining Beacon of Light on the main tank to ensure that healing effects on other characters will benefit the tank as well. A holy paladin preparing for a fight in an endgame dungeon should apply their Resistance Aura (which will be enhanced by Aura Mastery to a highly useful degree), put Beacon of Light on the tank or main tank, and apply Seal of Insight to themselves.

Holy Light is now the backbone of the holy paladin healing rotation. Flash of Light is only used at especially crucial moments, since it will swiftly drain out your character’s mana pool. Divine Light represents a midpoint between these two heals. All paladin specs now accumulate Holy Power, which can be used to cast certain spells that otherwise cannot be cast. Holy paladins should use their Holy Power whenever it builds up three charges; if only the tank is taking damage, then Word of Glory is a good use for Holy Power, since it is a powerful single target heal. If several characters are taking damage, use Light of Dawn instead.

As with all well-honed endgame classes, finding the right combination of statistics for your holy paladin’s gear is crucial to the character’s success also. As with all mana-based spellcasting classes, Intellect is now the main stat for holy paladins, providing not only a larger man pool but spellpower as well. Interestingly, the once useless Spirit is now the second best choice for holy paladins, and should also be stacked while choosing your character’s gear.

Haste and Crit are of some use to a holy paladin, while Mastery and Spellpower are feeble but can be added if you have nothing better to add. Weapon enchantments are either Heartsong (which improves mana regeneration) or Power Torrent (which will give you boosts to the amount healed), while other enchantments and gems should focus on Intellect, then the other stats secondarily.


Cataclysm Warrior Professions

Cataclysm Warrior Professions

Blacksmithing and the associated gathering profession, Mining, are the stereotypical Cataclysm warrior professions – and, like many stereotypical professions, are highly useful to the class they are associated with. Blacksmithing allows your character to make weapons and armor for themselves, as well as for sale, and can also be used to make two extra gem sockets for your character’s gear, which can be a huge boost to endgame statistics. Mining is mostly used to supply free materials for the main profession.

Several other primary professions have some use for warriors also, however. These include Alchemy, which can supply flasks and potions of various kinds, including very useful healing potions which may “save your character’s bacon” during solo questing and the like. Engineering is mostly useful for player versus player (PvP) oriented characters, though its utility items, such as portable mailboxes and repair NPCs who can be summoned inside instances, are also very useful to many characters.

Although primary professions are usually the ones considered when planning a character’s professions, there are several secondary professions which also make good Cataclysm warrior professions. These are First Aid and Cooking, which, despite their rather flabby sound, are skills that no warrior should eschew.

First Aid’s advantages are self evident – the weakest part of the warrior class is their inability to heal themselves, and First Aid can partially offset this, especially in solo questing situations. A rapid heal from a bandage can keep your warrior in action more constantly than the slow healing from eating, while there are other possibilities as well. For example, when injured enemies flee, your warrior can often take the opportunity to heal themselves with a bandage, since it can be used while the character is still “in combat”.

Zygor WoW Quest Helper Guide

First Aid can also be useful in a raiding situation for damage-dealing fury warriors. Since most healing will be concentrated on the tank, your character can ease the burden on healers by stepping back from the conflict briefly to heal themselves with a bandage, thus reversing the effects of area of effect attacks and the like. You can also use it for a quick heal on other character in the same situation.

Cooking offers a number of very useful self buffs, ranging from Strength and Stamina gains to Attack Power and Haste. The higher level the food your warrior can make, the better and more various the buffs this profession offers. This can be invaluable for any warrior when solo questing.

Your choice of Cataclysm warrior professions is, of course, up to you, but the most effective combination of professions is Blacksmithing, Mining, First Aid, and Cooking. Cooking will cover the self buffs that you will miss out on by foregoing such professions as Alchemy, First Aid will cover emergency healing, and the two primary professions will give you a considerable gear advantage, especially when your character first reaches level 85.


WoW Cataclysm Elemental Shaman

Elemental shamans were once the lightning-based talent specialization of this unusual, totemic class of World of Warcraft, but major revisions to the class has shifted their focus to fire and lava effects instead. Lightning is now more the purview of enhancement shamans, thanks to their ability to cast this spell instantly with a five-stack of Maelstrom Weapon buffs.

Elemental shaman damage is now heavily based around the pairing of Flame Shock and Lava Burst, two spells with a built in synergy that works perfectly for this spec of the shaman class. Flame Shock should be applied first, since the presence of a Flame Shock damage over time debuff on the target will cause any Lava Burst aimed at that target to cause an automatic critical hit. In effect, keeping Flame Shock up on your target at all times doubles the damage of Lava Burst. Lava Burst should be cast as often as possible – it is the backbone of your character’s damage rotation.

Lightning Bolt is now a filler spell that is used whenever nothing more useful is available, just in order to keep casting. Earthquake, an area of effect spell, had dubious utility to begin with and has recently been reduced in effectiveness even further, so it should only be cast when monsters or other opponents are positioned correctly for it be effective. The Thunderstorm spell, which has a knockback effect, is mostly useful either while leveling solo – to keep dangerous melee opponents at arm’s length – or in PvP, to clear rogues, warriors, and other riffraff away from your shaman (hopefully over the edge of a convenient, nearby cliff).

Endgame characters all need to pay attention to the statistic priority for their specific class and talent specialization, and a WoW Cataclysm elemental shaman has very different needs from the other specs of this class. The first priority for a PvE-oriented elemental shaman is Hit Rating, to ensure that your character’s spells hit their target and cause the high DPS that will ensure you a place in heroic dungeons and, more especially, the highly competitive area of raids.

You should stack Hit until the spell hit cap of 17% is reached. Note that Spirit is now equivalent to Hit for elemental shamans, making Spirit gear useful for them as well as for Restoration shamans. If you dual spec into Restoration, then you can get extra mileage out of your character’s gear by using it for both specializations.

Intellect, with its boost to your mana pool’s size and its spellpower increase, is the next stat after Hit Rating and/or Spirit to prioritize when selecting endgame gear. Haste is next in priority, followed by Mastery and Crit. Last of all – filling any gaps, but preferably reforged into a more useful form – is more Hit, or more Spirit if Hit Rating is not available.

Cataclysm QuestHelper – Finding The Best Cataclysm Quest Helper Addon

As we all know Cataclysm changes many thing in World Of Warcraft and this includes all new racial start and questing areas for everyone as well as a new level cap. This means new quests for all new players and alts as well as questing from level 80-85.

Questing always has been and will always be the fastest way to level in WoW.

There has always been much debate about the quickest way to level a toon in WoW but, as a player that has power leveled every class in the game and some multiple times, I can tell you that without a doubt questing is the only real way to power level IF you have a great Cataclysm Quest Helper to guide you through.

Now most of the best Cataclysm Quest helper addons are not free but there is a reason. Free quest helper programs generally are broken more than they work AND they are not true in game WoW power leveling guides. The other key issue is support. The best Cataclysm Questhelper addons have a support team that constantly work on the quest pathing and details of their guides to make sure they are ALWAYS up to date and working.

Let’s face it, we pay a monthly fee to play WoW along with the cost of buying the game and all the expansions, does it not make sense to have the best Cataclysm Quest Helper addons so we can make the most of our limited playing time? I think it’s a no brainer for sure.

So what are the best Cataclysm Quest helper addons?

What I believe to be the top 3 are listed below. You can also check out my WoW Quest Helper Review main page by CLICKING HERE


Booster has quickly become very popular as the fastest in game questhelper addon. it has a very nice and small interface that is nice as it does not take up much gaming space. The team at Booster also offers the best collection of class related videos to their members as well as a very slick talent point function that helps you build the fastest leveling spec for any class. They are offering FREE Cataclysm upgrades for anyone that wants to get the Booster Questhelper prior to launch date.  Power level those alts now and be ready when Cataclysm hits

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Zygor has one of the easiest installs and probably the coolest interface of all the Cataclysm Quest helper addons. Zygor is known for superior support and being ready for patches and expansions well before they hit. They also offer daily quest and holiday seasonal quest helper guides for those that like getting those achievements.

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Dugi is known by most as the king of WoW questhelper and in game WoW guides because of the large amount of different in game guides he offers players. not the fastest power leveling guide but Dugi does offer awesome support to his members as well as in game guides for pretty much everything you want to do in WoW. Dugi Also offers tons of freebies in the way of gaming tips and tricks all year long. Certainly the best value for getting pretty much everything WoW realted.

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Questhelper WoW 4.0 And Leading Into Cataclysm

Many people have found out with patch 4.0 the frustrations with free addons like Quest Helper and them not working every time there is changes made by Blizzard.

Now that the creator of the original free Quest Helper has announced he will not be updating any longer because he wants to put more into his “commercial projects” there are other options that have been available that are actually MUCH better. The problem is that no one is going to continue running a free project forever and to be wuite honest “you get what you pay for”

What you are going to find is that many people looking for questhelper WoW 4.0 solutions are going to be switching over to the in game leveling guide quest helper programs that are proven to continue to work even though Blizzard has added a major patch or expansion.

These WoW quest helper programs were prepared for pacth 4.o because they have support teams that are constantly making sure they are on top of things changing within the game. It’s called providing customer support for your users.

I have been personally using these type of World Of Warcraft quest helpers and can tell you a couple that very rarely does anything cause them to stop working and they are WAY better than the old QuestHelper and certainly way better than Carbonite.

WoW Quest Helper 4.0 in game guides are the way to go to eliminate the frustration of having your leveling addon stop working and they simply are far superior.

Here are 3 of the best and you can get more reviews on my WoW Quest Helper reviews main page.

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Next Generation WoW Quest Helper Addon Offering FREE Cataclysm Update

Booster Leveling Package is the latest in game Quest Helper to hit the market and it looks like they are about to change the game for in game guide makers like Dugi & Zygor.

Booster is the first of the WoW Leveling Addons to offer FREE expansion upgrades where other premium guide makers have always charged for expansion addons.

Aside from the free updates Booster is offering what appears to be the next generation of WoW Quest Helper in game guides packages with training videos, integrated and automatic talent point selector to make spec’ing out a toon automatic.

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Is Booster The Net Generation Of WoW Quest Helpers?

WoW Quest Helper – Getting Ready For Cataclysm

I am excited…

Depending on who you talk to the changes coming in World Of Warcraft Cataclysm are going to dramatically change the game we love either for the better or it will ruin the game.

Unlike any other expansion Blizzard has launched there are those that say the end is near.

So why am I so excited?

I am what you would call a “Toon Crafter” which means I love building different toons all the time…

Horde and Alliance as well as every different class..

This is mainly the reason I created this WoW Quest Helper review website.

Being a casual player like most who play the game I am always looking for ways to improve my gaming experience from leveling faster with a real and good in game WoW Quest Helper to learning how to make gold faster or even power level professions.

Sure I have a few toons a like to raid with as well as a main PVP/Arena toon but, the majority of my playing time is for “Toon Crafting”

Anyway, back to why I am so excited…

A couple reasons…

The introduction of the Worgen and Goblin Classes as well as ALL NEW racial start areas and questing paths…


I get to create toons without going through the same old boring quest lines that have been in the game forever.

New stories, new quests and a new challenge to power leveling for old and new players alike.

If you like “Toon Crafting” or you simply like being able to level toons easily and in the fastest time possible..

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All new start areas mean having a WoW Quest Helper that is fully supported and always ready for patches as well as expansion packs. Getting out in front of the “leveling pack” is going to save a ton of headaches in Cataclysm.

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