Mage Leveling Guide – Checking Out Mage Gear

Great WoW Mage Leveling Guide about gear used for World Of Warcraft Mages.

Mage Leveling Guide – Gearing Your WoW Mage
By Steve Phipps

The WoW mage is a spell casting damage class the relies on crowd control spells and pure damage to survive,

We want to take a look at the types of gear that will help you level faster with your new toon.

At lower levels it will be important for your mage to be able to deal as much damage as possible as well as ensure you have a sufficient mana pool in order to keep leveling and reduce resting time.

You will want to look for “of the eagle” and “of the owl” type gear to increase your mana pool as well as “spell power” type gear.

As your mage levels you will want to make sure you are adding gear that increases hit rating to reduce spells that miss your target. There are also certain skills that will be different depending on the talent build you decide to use with your toon.

An arcane mage does not require much added critical strike gear as fire or frost but haste will is very important for the arcane build.

All three of the available talent builds will require you to have a large amount of spell power and this should be your primary focus as you reach middle and higher levels. You will find that you will not need to worry about mana as you reach the higher levels because any of the available gear will provide a fair amount of intellect.

As a general rule you will want to focus on spell power, hit rating, haste rating and then critical strike if you are using a frost or fire talent build.

The mage class is one that can be leveled extremely fast and using one of the good WoW leveling addon programs will be the very best mage leveling guide you can use for your toon.

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