Mists of Pandaria – Fourth WOW Expansion Set Announced!

Today, Warcraft fans finally got the official news from Blizzard about the next WOW expansion to be released. The BlizzCon Panel was an hour and a half long and the World of Warcraft team went into more detail on the new zones, playable race, new class, and exciting new features of the game’s next expansion. Truly everything we hoped for and more! Below is a list of the exciting new features in this expansion – the WOW team has truly outdone themselves with this expansion and we aren’t sure how we can contain ourselves waiting for this to arrive in 2012! No release date has yet been named but rumored for second quarter 2012, possibly even late first quarter.

  • New playable race – The Pandaren. The first class to be a neutral race. Once players reach level 10 they will be able to decide if they want to align with the Alliance or Horde faction.
  • New class – The Monk which will focus on the ways of ancient martial arts.
    • Includes the Brewmaster (tank), the mistweaver (healer), and Windwalker (melee DPS). The Goblins and Worgen are the only races that cannot be monks.
    • New Level cap of 90
  • Six new dungeons.
  • Major updates to the existing Scholomance and the Scarlet Monastery
  • New creature breeds:
    • Hozu – Monkey-like troublemakers
    • Jinyu – Fish-like carp
    • Verming – Similar to Kobold race
    • Mantid – Praying Mantis-like enemies of the Pandaren
    • Mogu – Original inhabitants of Pandaria
  • New talent system completely redone to so that class progression is now three areas – Class abilities, Spec abilities, and Talents. Level 10 a spec is chosen and every fifteen levels players choose a talent.
  • PvE Scenarios – overhaul of group quests.
  • Challenge Mode dungeons
  • Pet Battle System – Name your pets, build their skills, battle with other players’ pets, sell and buy at the Auction House,  and discover Wild Pets to defeat and add to your collection.

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