Quest Helper Addons For Power Leveling In Cataclysm

Quest Helper Addons For WoW Cataclysm

By Steve Phipps

Do you have that guy in your guild or know a player that seems to be able to level toons faster than should be possible?

Ever wonder how they are doing it and they just will not tell you?

Chances are they are using a premium WoW Quest Helper addon that guides them through the best and fastest questing paths in the game.

Now, I am not talking about the QuestHelper program that helps route quests after you pick them up. That addon is not a power leveling addon at all because it does not tell you the best quests to pick up and provide routing from the point you start any toon in the game.

Premium Quest Helper programs are addons that are continually updated and make sure you are following the top routes for the shortest time possible to the leveling cap.

A video showing a premium Quest Helper in action:

This has been the secret of players that want to get toons to the level cap as quickly as possible but it is also the best way to maximize limited playing time. None of us have as much time as we would like to play World Of Warcraft and spending all that time grinding quests simply sucks.

Using a quality WoW Quest Helper means you can knock out levels very fast and still have playing time to work professions, play battleground, raid or run 5-man dungeons.

These addons start by providing an in game guide that gives a player detailed questing information and is attached to a directional arrow that guides you through picking up, completing and turning in quests in an efficient leveling path.

You can Check Out Reviews of the best in game WoW Quest Helper addons to decide which would be the best for you at:

Zygors WoW Quest Helper

Rating: ★★★★★

Zygor is famous for his in game interface as well as advanced features for those using BoA items of the WoW “refer a friend” triple bonus program.

Zygors in game WoW Quest Helper is probably the most advanced as far as technology and the install is by far the easiest of all the QuestHelper programs.

What this WoW Quest Helper lacks in leveling speed time, it surely makes up in the quality of the guide itself. John at Zygors has put together the best quality product for anyone looking to level fast and have a very high quality leveling addon. This WoW Quest Helper also has a long track record of being ready and updated for expansions and patches that can cause havoc on in game addons.

I actually was using Zygors during the Lich King expansion and my addon was updated and ready 3 days before Lich King launched.

Fastest Leveling Time 1-80 with Booster: 7 Days 21 Hours (NO BoA items)

Check Out Zygors At: or by Clicking Here

Booster WoW Quest Helper

Rating: ★★★★★

Booster is the latest addition to WoW Quest Helper in game leveling addons offerings and they are making a huge splash.

I really like the small interface but it still offers a great menu system right at clicking range. The biggest thing that is creating such a buzz around Booster is the quest routing. Booster has really done an awesome job of creating the fastest questing paths in the game.

Booster also offers some very nice guides for each class in the game as well as hundreds of hours of class related videos and a very nice “Make WoW Gold While You Level” guide that is well written and is as good as some high priced gold making guides.

This is the QuestHelper I am currently using and I love it.

Fastest Leveling Time 1-80 with Booster: 6 Days 7 Hours (NO BoA items)

Check Out Booster At: or by Clicking Here

Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Quest Helper

Rating: ★★★★★

Dugi is one of the originators of the in game power leveling WoW Quest Helper and offers the largest selection of WoW Quest Helper guides an WoW related information.

Dugi offers QuestHelper in game guides for:

  • Horde & Alliance Leveling Quest Helper
  • Daily Quest Guide
  • Seasonal & Holiday Event Quest Helper
  • Dungeon Leveling Quest Helper

Dugi has a long standing track record for being ready for patches and expansions. This means players can be assured that their WoW Quest Helper will be up to date and ready to use as fast as possible when changes are made in the game.

Fastest Leveling Time 1-80 with Booster: 6 Days 16 Hours (NO BoA items)

Check Out Dugi At: or by Clicking Here