Quest Helper Patch 4.0.3a – Our World Has Changed And So Must Our QuestHelper

Patch 4.0.3a changes the World Of Warcraft completely and adds many exciting changes to the game. This includes the need for a WoW Quest Helper 4.0.3a version that works with the all new racial start areas so we can start leveling our new race/class combinations (minus Worgens & Goblins of course)

I am excited about the all new racial starting areas and being able to fire up my favorite questhelper programs that have stated they are ready to go with all the questing changes in the game.

The best WoW Quest Helper patch 4.0.3a options are still the same we have been following and recommending on our main WoW Quest Helper Review page you can find by CLICKING HERE

The best questhelper programs available for this patch and to be ready for Cataclysm are:

Booster WoW Leveling Addon

Currently the top option for the fastest in game leveling quest helper. Booster offers free lifetime upgrades which means you will never have to worry about searching for a wow quest helper options that works. Gone are the days of quest helper breaking for days or weeks on end because of patches or expansions.

CLICK HERE To Visit The Booster Home Page

Dugis Ultimate Guides

Dugi has a proven track record for being ready for patches and expansions well ahead of time and has one of the top support staffs you will find anywhere in the gaming community. Dugi announced weeks ago he was ready for patch 4.0.3a and Cataclysm. You cannot go wrong with this in game QuestHelper.

CLICK HERE To Visit Dugis Home Page

Zygors Quest Helper

Zygor has probably the coolest questhelper interface in the game and is also well known for having staff members in beta testing and tweaking his guides. Always a sure bet to be ready for patch and expansion changes.

CLICK HERE To Visit Zygors Home Page