Questhelper WoW 4.0 And Leading Into Cataclysm

Many people have found out with patch 4.0 the frustrations with free addons like Quest Helper and them not working every time there is changes made by Blizzard.

Now that the creator of the original free Quest Helper has announced he will not be updating any longer because he wants to put more into his “commercial projects” there are other options that have been available that are actually MUCH better. The problem is that no one is going to continue running a free project forever and to be wuite honest “you get what you pay for”

What you are going to find is that many people looking for questhelper WoW 4.0 solutions are going to be switching over to the in game leveling guide quest helper programs that are proven to continue to work even though Blizzard has added a major patch or expansion.

These WoW quest helper programs were prepared for pacth 4.o because they have support teams that are constantly making sure they are on top of things changing within the game. It’s called providing customer support for your users.

I have been personally using these type of World Of Warcraft quest helpers and can tell you a couple that very rarely does anything cause them to stop working and they are WAY better than the old QuestHelper and certainly way better than Carbonite.

WoW Quest Helper 4.0 in game guides are the way to go to eliminate the frustration of having your leveling addon stop working and they simply are far superior.

Here are 3 of the best and you can get more reviews on my WoW Quest Helper reviews main page.

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