Questing Addon – Top WoW Questing Addon For Cataclysm

Questing addon leveling guides have been around for several years and are the fastest way to level in WoW hands down.

With the incredible changes in all racial starting areas as well as the addition of Worgen and Goblin classes a good WoW questing addon can really help maximize a players limited playing time. There is also the additional levels of 80-85 with the raising of the level cap.

Top questing addon guides like Zygors ( have already released WoW questing addon versions with the new racial start areas and have their Cataclysm 80-85 areas ready to go.

Many regard these addons as the best available for World Of Warcraft because they allow players to level quickly and still have playing time to work professions, Battlegrounds and other social aspects of the game. This is because these addons streamline the questing / leveling process by giving players an in game guide that directs them through the best quests for leveling while eliminating those that are simply time wasters.

There are several options available for these Cataclysm ready WoW questing addon guides and you can view the best at my WoW Quest Helper Page by CLICKING HERE.

The top 3 that already have the new racial start areas and Cataclysm quest lines are: