WoW Druid Guide

Druids are the Swiss army knives or Gerber multitools of the World of Warcraft world – a hybrid class that can switch between damage, tanking, and healing without needing to respec, and which has some of the most intriguing crowd control and evasion abilities in the game. Fighting a druid in the battlegrounds can be like battling quicksilver – switching between forms, druids can change from rugged survivability to deadly spellcasting to elusive speed in a matter of moments, shedding snares like a duck sheds water, and healing themselves to maximum whenever it appears they might actually perish.

Outside the battlegrounds, druids are also highly effective, as any WoW druid guide will tell you. Each talent specialization has its own powers and focus, but can serve in other roles at a pinch as well, unlike, for example, paladins, who need to respec to function in a different manner than usual. Since the level requirement and cost of dual talent specialization have been drastically lowered, this advantage is less important than it once was, since most other classes can now switch specs at the push of a button as well. But druids still retain a slight advantage in this regard.

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Balance druids are focused on spellcasting, with talents that improve both direct damage spells and damage over time spells (DoTs). With the introduction of Lunar and Solar power, the balance druid has become more complex to play, but is also very powerful.

The mana problems which once plagued this talent specialization have been largely banished by reworking of the mechanics, and the “boomkin” is no longer the “oomkin” (out of mana-kin). Balance druids can now shapeshift into their signature form, that of a Moonkin, at level 29, gaining a boost to spell damage and a reduction to incoming damage that increases both survivability and deadliness.
Feral druids are the melee specialization of the druid class. A WoW druid guide will inform you on how these druids can switch between cat form, which is a rogue-like damage dealing form, and bear form, which is the tough, lower damage tanking form. Feral druids typically serve as tanks in instances and raid dungeons, while using cat form more heavily for solo play and questing.

In the battlegrounds, cat form is often used between fights because of its ability to “Prowl” (go into Stealth in the manner of a rogue), and for quick damage in fights. When fighting defensively, on the other hand – such as when holding a resource node or carrying a flag – bear form is preferred for its high health and high armor.

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