Mists of Pandaria – Fourth WOW Expansion Set Announced!

Today, Warcraft fans finally got the official news from Blizzard about the next WOW expansion to be released. The BlizzCon Panel was an hour and a half long and the World of Warcraft team went into more detail on the new zones, playable race, new class, and exciting new features of the game’s next expansion. Truly everything we hoped for and more! Below is a list of the exciting new features in this expansion – the WOW team has truly outdone themselves with this expansion and we aren’t sure how we can contain ourselves waiting for this to arrive in 2012! No release date has yet been named but rumored for second quarter 2012, possibly even late first quarter.

  • New playable race – The Pandaren. The first class to be a neutral race. Once players reach level 10 they will be able to decide if they want to align with the Alliance or Horde faction.
  • New class – The Monk which will focus on the ways of ancient martial arts.
    • Includes the Brewmaster (tank), the mistweaver (healer), and Windwalker (melee DPS). The Goblins and Worgen are the only races that cannot be monks.
    • New Level cap of 90
  • Six new dungeons.
  • Major updates to the existing Scholomance and the Scarlet Monastery
  • New creature breeds:
    • Hozu – Monkey-like troublemakers
    • Jinyu – Fish-like carp
    • Verming – Similar to Kobold race
    • Mantid – Praying Mantis-like enemies of the Pandaren
    • Mogu – Original inhabitants of Pandaria
  • New talent system completely redone to so that class progression is now three areas – Class abilities, Spec abilities, and Talents. Level 10 a spec is chosen and every fifteen levels players choose a talent.
  • PvE Scenarios – overhaul of group quests.
  • Challenge Mode dungeons
  • Pet Battle System – Name your pets, build their skills, battle with other players’ pets, sell and buy at the Auction House,  and discover Wild Pets to defeat and add to your collection.

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BlizzConn 2011 and WOW Next Expansion

Excitement has built to a fevered pitch for BlizzCon 2011 happening in Anaheim, California this very week.  Tickets are sold out to attend in person but they are still available for the virtual ticket, which allows for online viewing of the events, panels, and tournaments all in high definition with a 720p stream. In addition, you’ll get an exclusive WOW in-game pet and be able to view the closing concert. There will also be a limited access free stream as well if you don’t want to spend the $40 for the virtual ticket. Fingers are crossed that the Friday event – World of Warcraft Preview will be discussing the upcoming content updates including the next expansion release. Will the rumors of ‘Mists of Pandaria’ be confirmed? And hopefully they will confirm the 2Q 2012 release.  To find out more information and get your virtual ticket check out http://us.battle.net/blizzcon/en/.

Mage Leveling Guide For Cataclysm – WoW Mage Leveling Guide

Updated for the 4.0 patch and Cataclysm

Fire Mage seems to be the prevailing popular WoW Mage leveling build for Cataclysm. There are viable options in the Frost Spec that I will add later and the Arcane Tree seems to stay as a more viable option at higher levels.

Talents & WoW Mage Leveling Guide Options.

You get to choose your first talent point at level 10 and this means choosing a specialization. You will be either Fire, Frost or Arcane until level 69 (you must put 31 points in your primary specialization) You will then have 10 more points available to put in the other trees by level 85.

Mastery is a trainable skill that you have access to upon achieving level 80. Gear will come withMastery Rating, which will increase the Mastery effect much like Crit Rating does now. Whether stacking lots of Mastery is really worthwhile, compared to crit or anything else, remains to be seen and we won’t say much about it on this page.

You no longer learn several levels of spell. You buy the spell once and it scales as you level.

4.0 Fire Leveling Build

The Build For WoW Mage Leveling Fire Should Look Like This:

The Order You Want To Take Your Points:

  1. 2/2 Improved Fire Blast
  2. 2/2 Master of Elements
  3. 1/3 Burning Soul
  4. 3/3 Ignite
  5. 2/3 Fire power
  6. Blastwave
  7. Hot Streak
  8. 2/2 Cauterize
  9. 3/3 Fire Power
  10. Combustion
  11. 2/2 Blazing Speed
  12. Firestarter
  13. 1/2 Improved Hot streak
  14. Dragon’s Breath
  15. 3/3 Molten Fury
  16. 1/2 Improved Flamestrike
  17. 3/3 Critical Mass
  18. 2/2 Pyromaniac
  19. Living Bomb
  20. You can now take talents from the other trees
  21. 3/3 Piercing Ice
  22. 3/3 Netherwind Presence
  23. 2/3 Arcane Concentration
  24. 1/3 Improved Blink

Leveling Tips

The general routine is this: Keep the opposition at maximum range wherever possible and blast away. Use Frost Nova when the mob gets too close, get some range and blast away. You will probably want to have a wand handy for those rare times when you are low on mana, and use the wand when the mob is running away from you or your partner is tanking it.

Food – Keep well stocked. Regular foods are great if you need to recover a lot of HP. Beverages keep your mana up. Your Create WaterCreate Food are free, use them. You can usually find beverages that will recover more mana than the spell in certain level ranges, so grab those when appropriate, but again… the spell is free. :)

First Aid – An essential skill, too bad there isn’t a “first aid for Mana.” Keep it maxed.

Crafting- skip the crafting professions unless you have a ton of cash. If youi want to go for it, and you don’t need to gather stuff to sell, then there are a couple of good combiniations:

  • Herbalism and Alchemy – You’ll be able to create lots of very useful potions with the stuff that you gather, this keeps your costs way down.
  • Skinning and Mining (or Herbalism) – not that you have use for the pieces, but it’s a great money making combo. Builds Stam and Crit rating, too.
  • Tailoring and Enchanting – Enchanting is very expensive to level (that’s why there are so many ‘chanters in chat offering their services with your mats.)You can use it here, though, todisenchant many of the surplus items that you make with tailoring. The mats created will sell for more than the items. Or save the mats and use them for the enchants. By the way, some clothes sell for nice prices. Check them out before junking them.

Wands – these aren’t quite as useful as with other caster classes, since they mobs will usually be running towards you, rather than away from you (fear spells,) but if your tank is holding aggro and you’re low on mana, then wands are great.

Bank alt- make a bank alt so you can mail your stuff and get back to leveling. Yes, you can ‘port to the city, but ‘porting back to your leveling area isn’t quite so easy.

Develop eyes in the back of your head, especially on PvP servers. It’s not that you can’t do damage up close, it’s that you can’t take it. See what’s coming before it surpirses you and learn to love theFrost Nova, especially when sneaky things are about.

Leveling Your Mage In Cataclysm:

You have three awesome options with in game power leveling guides in Cataclysm. Below are video previews of each and you can visit my review homepage for more information by CLICKING HERE


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WoW Questing Addon – Best WoW Leveling Addons For Cataclysm

WoW questing addon guides have been used by top power levelers for several years now. Many people know about the old WoW questhelper addons that aided in questing but was not really a true power leveling WoW questing addon.

These top addons started becoming available around the time of the Burning Crusade expansion and were used by tons of players heading into the WotLK expansion.

The difference between the best WoW questing addon programs and these “questhelper” addons is that a real power leveling addon routes players through only the best quests and most efficient routes to level extremely fast in World of Warcraft.

You get an in game guide that describes where you are going and exactly what you need to do when you get there. You also get a directional arrow that easily guides players from step to step very quickly.

The biggest asset of the best WoW Questing addon guides is SUPPORT.

These addons are always kept current and working through all patches and expansions Blizzard decides to add to the game.

The top 3 WoW questing addon guides are below. You can also get more detailed information by visiting my review page by CLICKING HERE


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Questhelper WoW 4.0 And Leading Into Cataclysm

Many people have found out with patch 4.0 the frustrations with free addons like Quest Helper and them not working every time there is changes made by Blizzard.

Now that the creator of the original free Quest Helper has announced he will not be updating any longer because he wants to put more into his “commercial projects” there are other options that have been available that are actually MUCH better. The problem is that no one is going to continue running a free project forever and to be wuite honest “you get what you pay for”

What you are going to find is that many people looking for questhelper WoW 4.0 solutions are going to be switching over to the in game leveling guide quest helper programs that are proven to continue to work even though Blizzard has added a major patch or expansion.

These WoW quest helper programs were prepared for pacth 4.o because they have support teams that are constantly making sure they are on top of things changing within the game. It’s called providing customer support for your users.

I have been personally using these type of World Of Warcraft quest helpers and can tell you a couple that very rarely does anything cause them to stop working and they are WAY better than the old QuestHelper and certainly way better than Carbonite.

WoW Quest Helper 4.0 in game guides are the way to go to eliminate the frustration of having your leveling addon stop working and they simply are far superior.

Here are 3 of the best and you can get more reviews on my WoW Quest Helper reviews main page.


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WoW Leveling Addons – The Best Power Leveling Tool For Players

WoW Leveling Addons are the very best way to level extremely fast in World Of Warcraft and maximize limited playing time.

WoW Leveling Addon – The Fastest Way to Level in World of Warcraft

By Steve Phipps

There has been much debate over the best WoW leveling addon for quite some time now. If you do not already know, these addon programs are designed to help players level faster in World Of Warcraft by providing some sort of guidance through questing.

Each WoW leveling addon has there own features and some are certainly much more effective than others at helping you level. Some of the things you want to make sure your addon for leveling in World Of Warcraft has before you choose which one to start using.

  • It must show you where to pick up quests as well as how to perform and turn them in when completed.
  • It must have a directional arrow to guide you through quests as this is the easiest way to level.
  • It must provide very good technical support due to patches and changes in the game that will require changes to your addon.

These are the basic things you will want to have on your leveling addon. Each of them will add their own unique features or bonuses to the must have list above but as long as you have the required tools to help make leveling faster the rest is just icing on the cake.

More than just some program to help you level faster by questing. These WoW leveling addon programs also eliminate those quests that are basically time wasters that do not provide good reward or experience for the time spent trying to complete them.

The nice thing is that there are a wide range of these programs you can choose from and as long as you have the basics provided in the must have list above you will be fine and level at a faster pace than you could ever imagine.

Interested in checking out some of the best WoW leveling addon programs available today? The author is an avid World Of Warcraft player and has spent the time to create some great video reviews of the top programs available to day.

You can get the latest information and watch some of these programs in action at his website.


WoW Quest Helper Reviews

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steve_Phipps

Mage Leveling Guide – Checking Out Mage Gear

Great WoW Mage Leveling Guide about gear used for World Of Warcraft Mages.

Mage Leveling Guide – Gearing Your WoW Mage
By Steve Phipps

The WoW mage is a spell casting damage class the relies on crowd control spells and pure damage to survive,

We want to take a look at the types of gear that will help you level faster with your new toon.

At lower levels it will be important for your mage to be able to deal as much damage as possible as well as ensure you have a sufficient mana pool in order to keep leveling and reduce resting time.

You will want to look for “of the eagle” and “of the owl” type gear to increase your mana pool as well as “spell power” type gear.

As your mage levels you will want to make sure you are adding gear that increases hit rating to reduce spells that miss your target. There are also certain skills that will be different depending on the talent build you decide to use with your toon.

An arcane mage does not require much added critical strike gear as fire or frost but haste will is very important for the arcane build.

All three of the available talent builds will require you to have a large amount of spell power and this should be your primary focus as you reach middle and higher levels. You will find that you will not need to worry about mana as you reach the higher levels because any of the available gear will provide a fair amount of intellect.

As a general rule you will want to focus on spell power, hit rating, haste rating and then critical strike if you are using a frost or fire talent build.

The mage class is one that can be leveled extremely fast and using one of the good WoW leveling addon programs will be the very best mage leveling guide you can use for your toon.

One of the best mage leveling guide addons is offered by checking out:


They offer a great in game addon as well as a comprehensive series of videos for every class in World Of warcraft.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steve_Phipps

Alliance Guide To Leveling The Fastest Way Possible

Looking for an Alliance guide to leveling?

There are a bunch of options as far as a good Alliance guide to leveling but there are a handful that are way better than the rest.

There are tons of written guides that provide great information but they are kind of a pain to use because you are constantly clicking in and out of the game to read some guide. Kinda takes the fun out of the game ya know?

The best Alliance guide to leveling options are the newer in game leveling guide addons that have taken power leveling to the next level. You can get any toon to the level cap in about 6-7 days even if you are brand new to World Of Warcraft.

Of the available in game Alliance leveling guide addons there are three that stand head and shoulders above the rest for rapid power leveling.

Booster: http://www.BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.com

Dugis: http://www.DugisUltimateGuides.com

Zygors: http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.com

All 3 of these are awesome alliance guide to leveling options that will help you power level any toon, Horde or Alliance, faster than any other possible method as well as maximizing limited playing time.

You can check out reviews AND videos of all 3 of these alliance guide to leveling addons on my review page by Clicking Here or go to theAll WoW Quest Helper Reviews button at the top of the page.

Best Alliance Power Leveling Guide – Hit The Cap Fast

Years ago the best alliance power leveling guide could only be found in written guide books that were simply a pain to use. Constantly having to click in and out of the game to read what you need to do or go next.

It kind of took the fun out of the game and really did not save much time with all the in and out of the game.

Just before the launch of the WotLK expansion the best alliance power leveling guide changed dramatically.

WoW addon technology started introducing in game alliance power leveling guide addons that brought the best alliance leveling guide right into the UI of WoW.

These WoW addons are used by millions of players looking to level toons extremely fast AND maximize the limited playing time we all have to play World Of Warcraft. Known as WoW Quest Helper addons, they offer detailed questing and routing for the fastest way to level in WoW for Horde or Alliance.

In case you are wondering these guides are completely legal and I have been using them for about 3 years now with no trouble at all.

Check out my reviews of the top leveling addons by CLICKING HERE or click the All WoW Quest Helper Reviews button at the top of this page.

You will find the best Alliance power leveling guide addons not only save playing time, they allow you to create and level toons in about 6-7 days!

Leveling Addon – Power Leveling With The Best WoW Addons

If you have played WoW for any period of time you know about addons.

What most people do not know is that leveling addon guides are the most popular and most beneficial WoW addon you can install.

Here’s the thing that got me into using these leveling addons

No matter how much we would like to be playing WoW we all have limited playing time. I found out early on that I would never have enough playing time to do all the things I wanted to do in the game.

This included leveling alts…

If you are like me, you love building and leveling toons but, you eventually find you have so many toons that you cannot level them all. Even if you only have one alt or you are a new player with your first toon, you find that doing quests takes up all your playing time.

We all pay a monthly fee to play the game plus the cost of the game itself and expansion packs. I wanted to make sure I got the most out of my playing time and started looking at in game leveling addon guides to maximize my playing time.

Over the last 3 years I have tried pretty much every in game leveling addon available out there and this is the reason I created this site. I also have the time to add to this site because I can get more done in game faster with my leveling addon guides.

Which of these WoW leveling addons is the best?

That really is a matter of preference as the ones I review on this site all work very well and have some subtle difference I will try to outline below.

Here are my favorite leveling addons. If you want to level toons in the shortest time possible and make the most of limited playing time these addons are worth their weight in gold.

Booster: http://www.BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.com

Booster is relatively new but is currently my favorite leveling addon because the quest routing seems to be superior than any other addon I have used. They have a unique feature for those looking for the best leveling spec as you are questing in their “auto talent point” feature. It auto assigns your talent points for you as you level.

Booster also has an incredible series of class related videos that teach you just about anything you would ever want to know about any class in the game as well as downloadable eBooks on each class AND a “Make WoW gold as you level guide” which is very detailed.

The install is extremely easy and they have an auto updater that installs as well. Comes with BOTH Horde and Alliance leveling addons.

Check Out Booster at: http://www.BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.com

Dugi’s: http://www.DugisUltimateGuides.com

Dugi is one of the originators of the in game WoW leveling guide addon. Dugi offers the widest range of in game addon guides as well as World Of Warcraft guide related information period.

Dugi has addons for solo quest leveling, dungeon leveling, daily quests, seasonal and holiday quests. All for both Horde and Alliance.

I love Dugi and use it often. The most important thing about Dugi is that he is ALWAYS ready for patches and expansions so you know you wont be left without a working leveling addon come expansions like Cataclysm.

Check Out Dugi at: http://www.DugisUltimateGuides.com

Zygor: http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.com

Zygor has the best interface of any of the in game leveling addon guides as well as an extremely easy install. Zygor also has one of the fastest leveling times of all the in game addons for power leveling.

Zygor also offers leveling addon options for horde and alliance as well as daily quest and seasonal / event guides.

Works with BoA items as well as refer a friend bonus experience with dynamic guide advancement to recognize when you are leveling faster than normal.

Check Out Zygor at: http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.com

As stated above, you cannot go wrong with ANY of these in game leveling addon options. It really is a matter of personal preference.