Quest Helper 3.3.3 And Beyond

It is understandable that many people are looking for the best WoW Quest Helper 3.3.3 program they can find to help level faster in World Of Warcraft.

Since I have been tracking and reviewing the top in game leveling programs I constantly see people searching for a new WoW Quest Helper and it is normally because they either have not used one before or the old one they had stopped working and they need something.

Most people do not realize that they can avoid all this frustration by simply having one of the best programs that is constantly supported and actually does what they are looking for in a program.

Help them level faster and is always updated. This simple fact would eliminate the need for anyone to go searching for the best Quest Helper for 3.3.3 because the best programs are always updated and will always work.

I know this to be true because I have been dealing with the best programs like Dugi’s Guides since Burning Crusade and I never have to worry or wait for an update. Even during an expansion.

When Lich King launched I had my QuestHelper installed and ready to start questing in Nothrend before the Lich King Expansion was even released. 4 Days prior actually.

This is why those looking for a Quest Helper 3.3.3 need to start thinking about the coming World Of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion and rather than having a questing program that works for a little while, get a questhelper that they can use now and will be updated and ready for the Cataclysm launch.

If the free and unsupported quest helpers out there stop working every time there is a simple little patch what do you think is going to happen when an expansion that is going to change EVERYTHING will do to them?

I can tell you that during the Lich King launch the top free quest helper was down for several weeks and I laughed watching all the people in chat QQ while I fired up my Dugi’s Guide Quest Helper and started power leveling without delay.

Blizzard actually hates these free programs because they are swarmed with help tickets every time they stop working. Do you know why?

They are free and the designers have no one to answer to if they can’t get them working or take forever to get them working.

Dugi actually has a support staff that works full time making sure his users always have updated versions, errors are fixed AND during crucial times like patches and expansions his users are not sitting in trade chat bitching and wondering when their program is going to work again.

Guide makers like Dugi are not simply some programmer guy that could care less if you can quest or not. They are players that have spent years developing all kinds of professional guides for WoW players.

It’s time to start looking at programs and in game questing guides that work. A Quest Helper for 3.3.3 and beyond to Cataclysm.

With the time and money we all have invested in playing this game is it not worth it to have a program you know you can count on for support? I think so but, I spend my time using these programs and reviewing them so I know the difference.

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