Leveling Paladins in WoW Cataclysm

Paladins, armored in plate, wielding the power of the Light, blasting their foes with holy fire and standing as a bulwark between their companions and some of the most dreadful villains in the World of Warcraft game, are a signature class of WoW, and offer a lot of utility to their players. Able to damage, heal, and survive, these tough, versatile characters are available to both factions and have seen enough improvements to finally be fairly equal to other classes. Leveling paladins in WoW Cataclysm is a fairly rapid process thanks to the flexibility and durability of the class.

Most people who level paladins to 85 quickly do so in Retribution spec, because this talent specialization offers the highest damage per second of the three talent trees. Their high damage potential means that they can cut their way quickly through all kinds of content, including quests, dungeons, and battlegrounds. They specialize in wielding two-handed weapons.

However, leveling as protection paladin is another way of leveling paladins in WoW Cataclysm that will bear fruit if done properly. These paladins are able to survive fighting a small crowd of opponents at the same time, using Avenger’s Shield, Consecration, and other AoE abilities to wear down multiple opponents at once.

You will also be able to use your character as a tank in level appropriate instances, and since tanks are extremely rare, you will probably find that instance queues are seldom longer than a minute when you are playing your protection paladin. Of course, tanking requires both skill and maturity, as well as patience in dealing with other people, so be certain that you don’t mind being the monsters’ punching bag before you start your character on a career as a paladin tank.

Leveling as a holy paladin is not particularly viable if you try to do so through ordinary questing. The damage potential of this spec is very low, and although your character will probably never die on a level-appropriate quest, killing an opponent will probably take ten minutes or so with the feeble damage output your character is capable of. However, there are ways to level up as a holy paladin more efficiently.

One of these ways is to become a battleground healer. Healers are in short supply in the lower level battlegrounds, and if you use your character skillfully, you may be able to turn the tide of the whole battleground with well-placed heals. For example, in Warsong Gulch, heal the flag carrier; in Arathi Basin, heal people who are defending a critical base such as the Blacksmith.

An even more efficient way to level as a holy paladin is to heal instance groups. Since healers are fairly rare, you will benefit from short queue times and will be able to squeeze in numerous instances in a few hours of play.

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The best 3 options for in game WoW Quest Helper power leveling heading into Cataclysm for a WoW Paladin or any other class are:

Booster – www.BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.com or CLICK HERE

Zygors – www.ZygorsQuestHelper.com or CLICK HERE

Dugis – www.DugisUltimateGuides.com or CLICK HERE

WoW Cataclysm Shaman Leveling Guide

Casting totems which serve as stationary buffs, debuffs, healing over time, or damage over time spells, wielding the power of lava, lightning, and air, shamans are a distinctive and interesting class found in the World of Warcraft game. On the Alliance side, draenei and dwarves can both become shamans, while on the Horde side, orcs, trolls, goblins, and tauren can all dabble in the arts of these totemic warriors. This WoW Cataclysm shaman leveling guide describes how to make the most of a shaman’s unique abilities to level to 85 as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Enhancement shamans are marginally more preferred to other talent specializations for leveling because of their reliance on melee damage and relative sturdiness. Tough and combative, this spec does not need to keep their foes at arm’s length in order to survive. An enhancement shaman must use two one-handed weapons in order to make use of most of their spells and abilities, so you should equip your shaman with maces, axes, or fist weapons – preferably those with a high amount of Agility.

Agility is the core of most enhancement shaman abilities, so as soon as your character reaches level 40, you should fit them out with a complete set of mail armor as fast as you can to get the additional Agility buff. Your character will also need a decent dose of Stamina to be tough enough to survive, however, even with instant heals occasionally provided by five-stacks of Maelstrom Weapon, once that becomes available.

You should use Windfury Weapon on your main hand weapon at a minimum, due to the high chance of getting extra attacks. This spell can also be released with Unleash Wind, which causes 125% of weapon damage to your current target and boosts your melee attack speed by 40% for the next six attacks. Once Maelstrom Weapon is available, use most of it for instant Lightning Bolts, but always be ready for a swift healing spell, too.

Elemental shamans can also be played effectively for quick leveling if desired, though they are a caster spec and therefore less able to survive in melee. Lower level elemental shamans need to rely on lightning and shock spells for damage, but once Lava Burst is learned at level 34, the focus of this spec changes entirely.

After this point, your character’s most important moves, as this WoW Cataclysm shaman leveling guide sees it, are to cast Flame Shock first of all, and then Lava Burst immediately afterward. Flame Shock’s damage over time effect on the target will cause your Lava Burst to be an automatic critical hit, devastating the opponent. Spirit is the most critical statistic for an elemental shaman, followed closely by Intellect (both for mana and spellpower), and Stamina (to keep your character alive while leveling).

WoW Mage Leveling – Fast Mage Leveling in Cataclysm

Mages in World of Warcraft are a very powerful class, able to strike down their foes at a distance using blasts of fire, shattering bursts of ice, or the white energy of arcane force itself. They also have many other utility powers, including the ability to blink from place to place instantly without crossing the ground in between, slow their fall so that they can survive plunging over cliffs, conjure food and drink for themselves or allies, silence enemy spellcasters to prevent them from using their powers for several critical seconds, and so on. WoW mage leveling requires a good deal of skill and knowledge, however, because mages are also fragile – armored only with cloth, feeble in melee, and with generally low health totals.

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Fire mages are one of the more viable leveling specs due to their high damage output, and the talents which give them speed boosts from time to time, making them elusive targets for enemy monsters. They generally fare poorly in PvP (player versus player) battlegrounds, due to their inability to slow down opposing player characters and their lack of “panic buttons” such as the Ice Barrier talent found in the Frost tree. However, for leveling, you can make use of this spec effectively if you know what to do.

The tactics for a leveling fire mage in WoW are basic “run and gun” techniques. You should open with your high-damage Pyroblast when possible, since it is a very slow spell, and you want to cast it before the target is aggressive to your character.

Pyroblast is often used for “pulling”, or starting a fight, but is less useful once battle has begun (though an immobilized opponent can sometimes be hit with a second Pyroblast, and deep fire talents sometimes cause an instant Pyroblast to proc). At level 69, you should put your last few talent points into Frost’s Piercing Ice and Arcane’s Netherwind Presence for improved crit and spell haste, respectively.

WoW mage leveling in Frost is preferred by many people, however, due to the spec’s ability to keep opponents at arm’s length more easily by slowing or freezing them outright. The frost spec does less damage than fire, so those who want dramatic numbers and swift kills should probably opt for (or at least experiment with) fire. Frost mages have a lot of survivability, however, and are able to control the fight much more effectively than their fiery or arcane brethren.

Once your frost mage reaches level 69, a full 31 talent points will have been spent in the frost tree, and the remaining talent points can be used in other trees if desired. The frost leveling spec benefits most from putting these last few points into the Arcane talent tree, speeding up spellcasting, earning reduced mana costs for spells, and so on.

Arcane is now a viable leveling spec as well, and resembles fire (high damage, lower survivability) with a large box of “tricks”, such as counterspells and Improved Blink. To level using this spec, you should try to maintain mobility and maximize your use of quick or instant spells as well.

Questing Addon – Top WoW Questing Addon For Cataclysm

Questing addon leveling guides have been around for several years and are the fastest way to level in WoW hands down.

With the incredible changes in all racial starting areas as well as the addition of Worgen and Goblin classes a good WoW questing addon can really help maximize a players limited playing time. There is also the additional levels of 80-85 with the raising of the level cap.

Top questing addon guides like Zygors (http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.com) have already released WoW questing addon versions with the new racial start areas and have their Cataclysm 80-85 areas ready to go.

Many regard these addons as the best available for World Of Warcraft because they allow players to level quickly and still have playing time to work professions, Battlegrounds and other social aspects of the game. This is because these addons streamline the questing / leveling process by giving players an in game guide that directs them through the best quests for leveling while eliminating those that are simply time wasters.

There are several options available for these Cataclysm ready WoW questing addon guides and you can view the best at my WoW Quest Helper Page by CLICKING HERE.

The top 3 that already have the new racial start areas and Cataclysm quest lines are:




Quest Helper Patch 4.0.3a – Our World Has Changed And So Must Our QuestHelper

Patch 4.0.3a changes the World Of Warcraft completely and adds many exciting changes to the game. This includes the need for a WoW Quest Helper 4.0.3a version that works with the all new racial start areas so we can start leveling our new race/class combinations (minus Worgens & Goblins of course)

I am excited about the all new racial starting areas and being able to fire up my favorite questhelper programs that have stated they are ready to go with all the questing changes in the game.

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The best questhelper programs available for this patch and to be ready for Cataclysm are:

Booster WoW Leveling Addon


Currently the top option for the fastest in game leveling quest helper. Booster offers free lifetime upgrades which means you will never have to worry about searching for a wow quest helper options that works. Gone are the days of quest helper breaking for days or weeks on end because of patches or expansions.

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Dugis Ultimate Guides


Dugi has a proven track record for being ready for patches and expansions well ahead of time and has one of the top support staffs you will find anywhere in the gaming community. Dugi announced weeks ago he was ready for patch 4.0.3a and Cataclysm. You cannot go wrong with this in game QuestHelper.

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Zygors Quest Helper


Zygor has probably the coolest questhelper interface in the game and is also well known for having staff members in beta testing and tweaking his guides. Always a sure bet to be ready for patch and expansion changes.

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WoW Goblin – WoW Goblin Cataclysm Starting Zone

The WoW Goblin is the new Horde race being added with the Cataclysm expansion. The WoW Goblin will offer the ability to play the warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, priest, shaman, warlock and of course the death night.

Here is a great video showing more about the WoW Goblin and the WoW Goblin cataclysm starting zone.

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The Fastest In Game Leveling QuestHelper For WoW Cataclysm

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The best 3 options for in game WoW Quest Helper power leveling heading into Cataclysm for a WoW Goblin or any other class are:

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Zygorswww.ZygorsQuestHelper.com or CLICK HERE

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Cataclysm QuestHelper – Finding The Best Cataclysm Quest Helper Addon

As we all know Cataclysm changes many thing in World Of Warcraft and this includes all new racial start and questing areas for everyone as well as a new level cap. This means new quests for all new players and alts as well as questing from level 80-85.

Questing always has been and will always be the fastest way to level in WoW.

There has always been much debate about the quickest way to level a toon in WoW but, as a player that has power leveled every class in the game and some multiple times, I can tell you that without a doubt questing is the only real way to power level IF you have a great Cataclysm Quest Helper to guide you through.

Now most of the best Cataclysm Quest helper addons are not free but there is a reason. Free quest helper programs generally are broken more than they work AND they are not true in game WoW power leveling guides. The other key issue is support. The best Cataclysm Questhelper addons have a support team that constantly work on the quest pathing and details of their guides to make sure they are ALWAYS up to date and working.

Let’s face it, we pay a monthly fee to play WoW along with the cost of buying the game and all the expansions, does it not make sense to have the best Cataclysm Quest Helper addons so we can make the most of our limited playing time? I think it’s a no brainer for sure.

So what are the best Cataclysm Quest helper addons?

What I believe to be the top 3 are listed below. You can also check out my WoW Quest Helper Review main page by CLICKING HERE

#1 BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.com

Booster has quickly become very popular as the fastest in game questhelper addon. it has a very nice and small interface that is nice as it does not take up much gaming space. The team at Booster also offers the best collection of class related videos to their members as well as a very slick talent point function that helps you build the fastest leveling spec for any class. They are offering FREE Cataclysm upgrades for anyone that wants to get the Booster Questhelper prior to launch date.  Power level those alts now and be ready when Cataclysm hits

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#2 ZygorsQuestHelper.com

Zygor has one of the easiest installs and probably the coolest interface of all the Cataclysm Quest helper addons. Zygor is known for superior support and being ready for patches and expansions well before they hit. They also offer daily quest and holiday seasonal quest helper guides for those that like getting those achievements.

Visit They Zygor Homepage at http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.com or Just CLICK HERE

#3 DugisUltimateGuides.com

Dugi is known by most as the king of WoW questhelper and in game WoW guides because of the large amount of different in game guides he offers players. not the fastest power leveling guide but Dugi does offer awesome support to his members as well as in game guides for pretty much everything you want to do in WoW. Dugi Also offers tons of freebies in the way of gaming tips and tricks all year long. Certainly the best value for getting pretty much everything WoW realted.

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WoW Leveling Addons – Power Leveling At Its Best

Nice article about WoW Leveling Addons for those looking to power level new toons.

WoW Leveling Addons – Are They The Best WoW Addons?

By Steve Phipps

We have all seen or used some of the thousands of WoW addons available for World Of Warcraft.

You can get addons from auction house tools to chat and even trivia games although I never understood wanting to play a game inside a game. To each his own I suppose.

I admit I am guilty of pimping out my User Interface with cool action bars and even different types of themes but WoW Leveling addons are the most useful programs I have loaded into my interface because they allow me to make the most of very limited playing time.

When I want to crank out an alt, knock out daily quests r even get those seasonal event quests done I turn to my WoW leveling addons.

Do they save a ton of time?

As a new player they probably were the reason I did not quit playing the game.

New players and even veteran players leveling alts always seem to hit that “leveling wall” where you think you are just going to scream if you have to figure out one more quest.

WoW leveling addons eliminate hitting that wall because you are guided and directed completely through only the best quests and zones in the game to level as quick and easy as possible.

Even if I am not looking to power level I can still use my favorite addon to knock out the quests and levels I want and spend time working professions or anything else I want in the game.

My favorite WoW Leveling addons are found at:


Another newer leveling addon that is becoming popular is:


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steve_Phipps

Quest Helper Addons For Power Leveling In Cataclysm

Quest Helper Addons For WoW Cataclysm

By Steve Phipps

Do you have that guy in your guild or know a player that seems to be able to level toons faster than should be possible?

Ever wonder how they are doing it and they just will not tell you?

Chances are they are using a premium WoW Quest Helper addon that guides them through the best and fastest questing paths in the game.

Now, I am not talking about the QuestHelper program that helps route quests after you pick them up. That addon is not a power leveling addon at all because it does not tell you the best quests to pick up and provide routing from the point you start any toon in the game.

Premium Quest Helper programs are addons that are continually updated and make sure you are following the top routes for the shortest time possible to the leveling cap.

A video showing a premium Quest Helper in action:

This has been the secret of players that want to get toons to the level cap as quickly as possible but it is also the best way to maximize limited playing time. None of us have as much time as we would like to play World Of Warcraft and spending all that time grinding quests simply sucks.

Using a quality WoW Quest Helper means you can knock out levels very fast and still have playing time to work professions, play battleground, raid or run 5-man dungeons.

These addons start by providing an in game guide that gives a player detailed questing information and is attached to a directional arrow that guides you through picking up, completing and turning in quests in an efficient leveling path.

You can Check Out Reviews of the best in game WoW Quest Helper addons to decide which would be the best for you at:


Zygors WoW Quest Helper

Rating: ★★★★★


Zygor is famous for his in game interface as well as advanced features for those using BoA items of the WoW “refer a friend” triple bonus program.

Zygors in game WoW Quest Helper is probably the most advanced as far as technology and the install is by far the easiest of all the QuestHelper programs.

What this WoW Quest Helper lacks in leveling speed time, it surely makes up in the quality of the guide itself. John at Zygors has put together the best quality product for anyone looking to level fast and have a very high quality leveling addon. This WoW Quest Helper also has a long track record of being ready and updated for expansions and patches that can cause havoc on in game addons.

I actually was using Zygors during the Lich King expansion and my addon was updated and ready 3 days before Lich King launched.

Fastest Leveling Time 1-80 with Booster: 7 Days 21 Hours (NO BoA items)

Check Out Zygors At:

http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.com or by Clicking Here

Booster WoW Quest Helper

Rating: ★★★★★


Booster is the latest addition to WoW Quest Helper in game leveling addons offerings and they are making a huge splash.

I really like the small interface but it still offers a great menu system right at clicking range. The biggest thing that is creating such a buzz around Booster is the quest routing. Booster has really done an awesome job of creating the fastest questing paths in the game.

Booster also offers some very nice guides for each class in the game as well as hundreds of hours of class related videos and a very nice “Make WoW Gold While You Level” guide that is well written and is as good as some high priced gold making guides.

This is the QuestHelper I am currently using and I love it.

Fastest Leveling Time 1-80 with Booster: 6 Days 7 Hours (NO BoA items)

Check Out Booster At:

http://www.BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.com or by Clicking Here

Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Quest Helper

Rating: ★★★★★


Dugi is one of the originators of the in game power leveling WoW Quest Helper and offers the largest selection of WoW Quest Helper guides an WoW related information.

Dugi offers QuestHelper in game guides for:

  • Horde & Alliance Leveling Quest Helper
  • Daily Quest Guide
  • Seasonal & Holiday Event Quest Helper
  • Dungeon Leveling Quest Helper

Dugi has a long standing track record for being ready for patches and expansions. This means players can be assured that their WoW Quest Helper will be up to date and ready to use as fast as possible when changes are made in the game.

Fastest Leveling Time 1-80 with Booster: 6 Days 16 Hours (NO BoA items)

Check Out Dugi At:

http://www.DugisUltimateGuides.com or by Clicking Here