Quests Guide – Who Has The Best WoW Quests Guide?

WoW Quests Guide addons and programs have been around for a couple years now and they have continually made great advances as the game has changed.

Well, there better WoW Quests Guide addons have anyway…

The reason I say this is because there are a bunch of programs out there that claim to help players level faster through questing and many of them fall short of that promise.

The reason is most of them either simply do not provide any more than the cheesy in game quest tracker Blizzard provides or they are “okay” but they stop working for days or weeks on end after something as simple as a patch.

If you want one of the better WoW Quests Guide addons or programs that is continually updated, always working and provides exceptional support, the number of options dwindles down pretty fast.

There are still some great options out there and a few I highly recommend but, if you want one that is going to truly deliver as promised and offers way more than just a simple quests guide I only recommend Dugi’s Ultimate Guides.

Dugi is the only one out there offering:

  • Horde & Alliance In Game Power leveling Quests Guide
  • Horde & Alliance In Game Daily Quests Guide (awesome for knocking out dailies fast)
  • Horde & Alliance In Game Dungeon Quests Guide (if you like leveling through the random dungeons this rocks!)
  • Horde & Alliance Seasonal Events Quests Guide

Dugi’s Ultimate Guides also offers a ton of free stuff related to PVP, Gold Making & Auction House, Gear, Macros and Profession Guides.

I have been using Dugi’s Quests Guides for almost 3 years now and probably the thing I love the most is simply the support offered for all the guides. These folks are on top of things and make sure to continually add and update their guides.

Coming into WoW Cataclysm if you do not have guides that have a proven track record of being prepared of patches and expansios there is a good chance you are going to be dead in the water for days or maybe weeks on end.

Check Out Dugi’s Quests Guide Addons for WoW….You won’t be disappointed.