Rogue Assassination Leveling Guide for Cataclysm

Both assassination and combat specs are viable leveling talent specializations for rogues in World of Warcraft, and if you are looking for a rogue assassination leveling guide for Cataclysm, there is plenty of informative material available online. Assassination rogues lag behind combat rogues somewhat in early to mid game staying power – there are moments when you will be reduced to fleeing a fight which a combat rogue might have been able to survive without resorting to retreat – but the spec is much better than Subtlety in most ways, as well.

Opening moves are always important for a rogue, since they are the only class that approaches a foe in stealth most of the time and usually leave stealth with an attack. An assassination rogue’s opening moves should not be based on either Ambush or Backstab despite the spec’s use of daggers, because of the mechanical nature of an assassination rogue’s powers.

Garrote is the best opening move for an assassination rogue, but if this impractical, then you can opt to have your character open the fight with Mutilate instead. Basically, your character should not spend a long time trying to set up for a Garrote. If it is proving difficult to use the attack, then you will lose more damage by wasting time trying to get in position for it than you will gain by using it, and should employ Mutilate instead for the sake of speed. This is especially true in dungeons and raids.

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Build some quick combo points after using Garrote (or Mutilate), then apply Rupture and get Slice and Dice active as fast as you can. Once your character is in combat, use Mutilate and Sinister Strike as your main moves, and reapply Rupture whenever it is about to stop ticking. Use Envenom, which burns Deadly Poison applications for a spike of burst damage, whenever there are five combo points on your adversary. Hopefully, your energy will be high at this point so that you can follow up with Mutilate, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Assassination rogues should use daggers to allow the use of Mutilate, and should have a slow dagger in the main hand and a fast one in the offhand. Poison the main hand weapon with Instant Poison and the offhand weapon with Deadly Poison for best effect. Putting a single talent point into Deadly Brew gives you a 50% chance of applying Crippling Poison every time your Instant Poison hits, which will remove the need for using Crippling Poison separately.

When you are using a rogue assassination leveling guide for Cataclysm, you should bear these points in mind to make your character as efficient as possible. After all, the more your rogue is a master of poisons and Mutilate attacks, the faster you will reach the exalted heights of level 85.

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