Mage Talent Builds – The Best Mage Leveling Build

Mage Talent Builds are typically a very hot debated topic on pretty much any WoW related forum site.

The Mage class has 3 very viable Mage Leveling Build options with Fire, Frost & Arcane…

I believe there are differences in where you would play each of these Mage talent builds as you progress through leveling.

At the end of the day the Mage class can and does thrive in even high level raiding in any of the 3 Mage Talent Builds.

The pure damage of the Fire tree is an awesome start for the low level Mage…

Survivability is a key factor in the mid level to high level range…

As you reach the level cap range Arcane Mage Talent Builds offer outstanding DPS as well as being a ton of fun to play in PVE AND PVP.

We will begin our journey through the world of Mage Talent builds with a look at a Mage Leveling Build.

Level 80 Fire Mage PVE/Leveling Build (20/51/0)

Fire (51 Points)

Improved Fireball – Rank 5/5

Ignite – Rank 5/5

World in Flames – Rank 3/3

Pyroblast – Rank 1/1

Burning Soul – Rank 2/2

Improved Scorch – Rank 3/3

Master of Elements - Rank 3/3

Playing with Fire - Rank 3/3

Critical Mass – Rank 3/3

Fire Power – Rank 5/5

Pyromaniac – Rank 3/3

Combustion – Rank 1/1

Molten Fury - Rank 2/2

Empowered Fire – Rank 3/3

Hot Streak – Rank 3/3

Burnout – Rank 5/5

Living Bomb – Rank 1/1

Arcane (20 Points)

Arcane Subtlety - Rank 2/2

Arcane Focus – Rank 3/3

Arcane Concentration – Rank 5/5

Spell Impact – Rank 3/3

Student of the Mind – Rank 3/3

Focus Magic – Rank 1/1

Torment the Weak – Rank 3/3

Next we will take a look at a great Frost Mage Leveling Build that works great for solo play like questing as well as PVE group runs. CHECK IT OUT HERE