WoW Gold Guide Comparison Chart

The WoW Gold Guide Comparison Chart gives a quick overview to help you decide the best Gold Guide for your needs. All of these Gold Guides comply 100% with Blizzard’s Terms of Service and are completely legal and safe to use.

Gold GuideDetailsFormatCostRatingMore Info
TycoonUpdated daily with custom routes to items and details on what to sell when. Based on your actual server, faction, and level.
Modules for Gathering, Farming, Crafting, and Auction House included.
In Game Addon$395/5More Details
Warcraft Millionaire3 gold making blueprints by level, auction house, daily quest, grinding, and limited item guides.eBooks$474/5More Details
Zuggy's Dominate WoW GoldStrategy takes only 15 minutes a day and can be done with a character at any level.
Comes with Advanced Auction House, Professions Gold Mastery, Chinese Grinding Glory, Professions 1-450 Leveling, Daily Quest Compendium, and Zuggy's Video Tutorials.
Videos and eBooks$474/5More Details
T Dub Gold CapSuggest many strategies and addons with step-by-step instructions.eBook in 5 Modules$473.5/5More Details
Massive GoldAuction House based guide for about an hour a day.Videos and eBooks$773.5/5More Details
Mayle Auction HouseSuggest many strategies and addons with step-by-step instructions.Videos and eBooks$573/5More Details
Warcraft Riches6 Step Method in only 10 minutes a day, the system is geared for more casual player. eBooks$473/5More Details