Best WoW Addons – What Are The Best WoW Addons?

When it comes to determining what are the best WoW addons it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

A hard core raider is going to think certain things are the best WoW addons while a casual player or someone that likes to level toons make think other are the best WoW addons.

There are the standard addons most people use like DBM(Deadly Boss Mods) which is a most if you are into raiding. Omen threat meter is also a great addon for raiders and most top raiding guilds will require you to have it installed as well.

There are also some class related addons like Paly Power that is considered a must have for anyone playing a paladin.

The best WoW addons for me have always been those that help me maximize my limited playing time. I am somewhat of a hardcore raider but I love leveling alts as well.

Trying to fit raiding and leveling new toons into a limited playing time schedule can be very difficult and even more so when you add in trying to work professions for gold, playing the Auction House and getting done whatever dailies you want.

This is why leveling addons have always been what I consider the best WoW Addons…

They help me level toons very quickly as well as getting done achievements like explorer, loremaster, mounts, etc.

Going into Cataclysm there is going to be all new start areas to figure out and I would much rather have an addon that helps me get through these without wasting a ton of playing time. There are going to be new dungeons to run, new raids to put together, new profession caps to raise but….

I also want to level Worgen and Goblin toons as well as say, maybe a Human Hunter…

This is why I believe that the best investment in your playing time is a good in game level guide.

You can check out some videos and reviews of my favorite at the home page or just by Clicking Here.

The best WoW addons for leveling in the shortest time possible these days are:

Booster: http://www.BoosterWoWLevelingAddon.comoffering a free Cataclysm update so you can use it now and be ready for Cataclysm

Dugis: http://www.DugisUltimateGuides.comoffering a free Cataclysm update as well.

Zygor: http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.comthe best in game addon interface.

Best Alliance Power Leveling Guide – Hit The Cap Fast

Years ago the best alliance power leveling guide could only be found in written guide books that were simply a pain to use. Constantly having to click in and out of the game to read what you need to do or go next.

It kind of took the fun out of the game and really did not save much time with all the in and out of the game.

Just before the launch of the WotLK expansion the best alliance power leveling guide changed dramatically.

WoW addon technology started introducing in game alliance power leveling guide addons that brought the best alliance leveling guide right into the UI of WoW.

These WoW addons are used by millions of players looking to level toons extremely fast AND maximize the limited playing time we all have to play World Of Warcraft. Known as WoW Quest Helper addons, they offer detailed questing and routing for the fastest way to level in WoW for Horde or Alliance.

In case you are wondering these guides are completely legal and I have been using them for about 3 years now with no trouble at all.

Check out my reviews of the top leveling addons by CLICKING HERE or click the All WoW Quest Helper Reviews button at the top of this page.

You will find the best Alliance power leveling guide addons not only save playing time, they allow you to create and level toons in about 6-7 days!

Leveling Addon – Power Leveling With The Best WoW Addons

If you have played WoW for any period of time you know about addons.

What most people do not know is that leveling addon guides are the most popular and most beneficial WoW addon you can install.

Here’s the thing that got me into using these leveling addons

No matter how much we would like to be playing WoW we all have limited playing time. I found out early on that I would never have enough playing time to do all the things I wanted to do in the game.

This included leveling alts…

If you are like me, you love building and leveling toons but, you eventually find you have so many toons that you cannot level them all. Even if you only have one alt or you are a new player with your first toon, you find that doing quests takes up all your playing time.

We all pay a monthly fee to play the game plus the cost of the game itself and expansion packs. I wanted to make sure I got the most out of my playing time and started looking at in game leveling addon guides to maximize my playing time.

Over the last 3 years I have tried pretty much every in game leveling addon available out there and this is the reason I created this site. I also have the time to add to this site because I can get more done in game faster with my leveling addon guides.

Which of these WoW leveling addons is the best?

That really is a matter of preference as the ones I review on this site all work very well and have some subtle difference I will try to outline below.

Here are my favorite leveling addons. If you want to level toons in the shortest time possible and make the most of limited playing time these addons are worth their weight in gold.


Booster is relatively new but is currently my favorite leveling addon because the quest routing seems to be superior than any other addon I have used. They have a unique feature for those looking for the best leveling spec as you are questing in their “auto talent point” feature. It auto assigns your talent points for you as you level.

Booster also has an incredible series of class related videos that teach you just about anything you would ever want to know about any class in the game as well as downloadable eBooks on each class AND a “Make WoW gold as you level guide” which is very detailed.

The install is extremely easy and they have an auto updater that installs as well. Comes with BOTH Horde and Alliance leveling addons.

Check Out Booster at:


Dugi is one of the originators of the in game WoW leveling guide addon. Dugi offers the widest range of in game addon guides as well as World Of Warcraft guide related information period.

Dugi has addons for solo quest leveling, dungeon leveling, daily quests, seasonal and holiday quests. All for both Horde and Alliance.

I love Dugi and use it often. The most important thing about Dugi is that he is ALWAYS ready for patches and expansions so you know you wont be left without a working leveling addon come expansions like Cataclysm.

Check Out Dugi at:


Zygor has the best interface of any of the in game leveling addon guides as well as an extremely easy install. Zygor also has one of the fastest leveling times of all the in game addons for power leveling.

Zygor also offers leveling addon options for horde and alliance as well as daily quest and seasonal / event guides.

Works with BoA items as well as refer a friend bonus experience with dynamic guide advancement to recognize when you are leveling faster than normal.

Check Out Zygor at:

As stated above, you cannot go wrong with ANY of these in game leveling addon options. It really is a matter of personal preference.

WoW Booster Addon Review – A Review Of The WoW Booster Addon

This is my initial WoW Booster Addon Review prior to adding it to our official questhelper review section.

This WoW Booster Addon Review is used to compare to other WoW leveling addon programs.

The Booster Leveling Package And Addon is an in game leveling addon that utilizes the questing system of World Of Warcraft.

As far as installation, Booster installs as easy as any other addon for WoW and they provide very good and detailed instructions for those that struggle with addons. If you have installed any other addons then Booster will be a breeze, if not the installation guide offered in the members area make it extremely easy as well.


Booster works with new toons as well as those you have been working on leveling as it syncs with the in game questing information to know where a existing toon should start with the addon.

It also works with heirloom (BoA) items as well as the WoW Refer A Friend program by progressing further in the guide as it notices you are leveling faster than normal.

The talent point feature is something unique to Booster as it offers a way for your talent points to automatically be assigned without you having to do anything at all.

The bonus videos are very well thought out and there is something to be learned by new and veteran players alike, specially in the bonus gold making guide.

The first to offer a free Cataclysm upgrade while other leveling addons typically charge for expansion upgrades.


The bonus class videos are cool but the information will only be useful for a short period of time because Cataclysm is going to change most of this class related information. Hopefully they will update new class videos after the expansion.

The biggest Con to Booster is simply that it is new. We like to see premium leveling addons have a solid track record of reacting and updating to patches and addons to make sure the support will be there when users need it.


To summarize our WoW Booster Addon Review we would say that everything we have experienced thus far point to Booster becoming the new king of WoW leveling addons going into Cataclysm as they seem to have leveling paths equal to the current best out there.

Booster is already changing the game as Dugis Leveling Addon has announced recently that those picking up their Addon will also get free Cataclysm upgrades. This is something Dugi did not do for Lich King.

If you do not mind dealing with a newer but promising and very professional leveling addon that does not have a track record then Booster is well worth a try. We like it and we are going to keep running it through the paces before adding it to our main review page.

If you want something that comes with the bells and whistles of Booster but has a history of keeping up to date and providing great customer service, Dugis WoW Leveling and Questing Addons are the way to go.

We hope to have additional WoW Booster Addon Reviews and videos coming soon.

Is Booster The Net Generation Of WoW Quest Helpers? FREE Cataclysm Updates!!!