Mage Leveling Guide – The Fastest Mage Leveling Guide

This Mage Leveling Guide will focus on the different aspects such as talent builds and gear for leveling a WoW Mage.

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The World Of Warcraft Mage is a pure damage class and this WoW Mage leveling guide will cover what you need to make sure you put out as much damage as possible. You also have CC (crowd control) skills with your mage that help in leveling and survivability.

The most important thing to remember about this class is that you have 3 very viable talent builds you can choose from in Arcane, Fire and Frost. At high levels all of these work extremely well so it is really a matter of preference.

The mage is a spellcasting class that uses mana to deal damage. During early levels you will want to focus on gear that offers as much mana as possible. Gear with “of the eagle” and “of the owl” are your best options.

As your mage levels you will need to start focusing on spellpower and hit rating type gear to make sure you deal as much damage as possible and reduce the amount of times you miss a target.

Fire and Frost Mages will also want to focus on “crit rating” but the Arcane Mage does not need this as much due to built in critical strike of the Arcane spec.

Early level Mages should work withing the Fire or Frost tree as Arcane is not really a viable spec until about the mid 70′s.

I will be adding more detailed information to this Mage Leveling Guide so be sure to check back.

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