WoW Mage Leveling Spec

There is plenty of interesting content awaiting your discovery in the newly renovated lands of the World of Warcraft, since Azeroth has been largely reshaped by Deathwing’s coming and the devastation it brought. Leveling new characters is exciting again, with plenty of new quests, quest hubs, changes to once-familiar areas, and beautiful new landscapes where there were once rather dull and ordinary flat areas with trees growing on them (as, for example, in Darkshore). Choosing a good WoW mage leveling spec can enhance your enjoyment of the game yet further, and ease your passage through the lower levels.

The frost specialization is one of the most frequently chosen, thanks to the fact that it helps with your mage’s ability to survive, even if it dishes out a bit less damage than either Fire or Arcane spec. Hurling frostbolts that slow your opponents down, being able to freeze enemies in place, summoning a water elemental pet which is a formidable ranged combatant in its own right, and having a few “panic buttons” available (such as embedding your character in a giant ice cube using the Ice Block spell) all combine to make your character a bit harder to kill and a bit easier to level with.

Fire talent builds for WoW mage leveling spec are a bit more vulnerable than frost, since they have less ways to keep hostile creatures at a distance. Fire mages are able to deal a lot of damage, however, and have many abilities that increase their speed and mobility.

Arcane mages do slightly less damage, but are the Swiss army knife of the mage world. Their counterspells, special abilities, improved Blink spell, and so on all make them intriguing characters to level, although they are also one of the most complex characters to play in World of Warcraft.

Although not technically part of your mage’s talent specialization, the race of your character has a slight impact on how well they do while leveling also. Gnomes, for example, have a slightly larger mana pool than other characters, which can keep them in combat longer and reduce the downtime between fights. Draenei have a scaling, self-healing ability which makes them a viable leveling race, while the speed boost racial ability of Worgen increases their mobility – always an important consideration for the “run and gun” tactics of mages.

On the Horde side, racial abilities are, as ever, quite a bit more robust than the half-baked abilities given to the Alliance. Orcs and trolls are usually considered to be the best mages for leveling, since orcs gain spellpower from their Blood Fury ability, while trolls benefit both from their Beast Slaying ability while questing, and from the spell haste granted by Berserking. These differences are fairly minimal, however, and unless you are an optimization fanatic, just pick the race you like best to level as a mage.

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Mage Leveling Guide – The Fastest Mage Leveling Guide

This Mage Leveling Guide will focus on the different aspects such as talent builds and gear for leveling a WoW Mage.

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The World Of Warcraft Mage is a pure damage class and this WoW Mage leveling guide will cover what you need to make sure you put out as much damage as possible. You also have CC (crowd control) skills with your mage that help in leveling and survivability.

The most important thing to remember about this class is that you have 3 very viable talent builds you can choose from in Arcane, Fire and Frost. At high levels all of these work extremely well so it is really a matter of preference.

The mage is a spellcasting class that uses mana to deal damage. During early levels you will want to focus on gear that offers as much mana as possible. Gear with “of the eagle” and “of the owl” are your best options.

As your mage levels you will need to start focusing on spellpower and hit rating type gear to make sure you deal as much damage as possible and reduce the amount of times you miss a target.

Fire and Frost Mages will also want to focus on “crit rating” but the Arcane Mage does not need this as much due to built in critical strike of the Arcane spec.

Early level Mages should work withing the Fire or Frost tree as Arcane is not really a viable spec until about the mid 70′s.

I will be adding more detailed information to this Mage Leveling Guide so be sure to check back.

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