WoW Priest Leveling Guide | Leveling A Priest The Fastest In WoW

This WoW Priest Leveling guide is going to focus on power leveling a priest in World Of Warcraft in the shortest possible amount of time.

For starters, no WoW Priest Leveling Guide would be complete without recommending one of the better in game WoW leveling addon programs because they simply offer the fastest way to level any toon AND the top guides also come complete with the best specs in the game already there for you.

The best available today are:

Dugi has a proven track record of providing one of the best leveling addons as well as being ahead of changes with patches and expansions (important with Cataclysm coming). Dugi also offers a wide range of in game guides for whatever you want to do as well a a ton of free helpful bonus guides for gold making, professions, PVP, etc. Dugi has also announced FREE Cataclysm updates to his guides so you will be ready to go.

Here’s the in game guides Dugi offers:

  • Leveling addon for questing Horde / Alliance (fastest solo questing leveling)
  • Dungeon Questing Addon Horde / Alliance (makes sure you have all the dungeon quests for max exp.)
  • Daily Quest Guide Horde / Alliance (best way to knock out dailies fast)
  • Seasonal Events Quest Guide (best way to knock out all the event crap fast.)

There’s a ton more stuff Dugi offers but you can check it out yourself at:


The guys at Booster have been making a huge splash in the WoW community since their launch just a short while back. The Booster addon comes with a ton of videos on just about anything World Of Warcraft related you would want to learn. The addon is quickly being recognized as one of the best for power leveling any toon and they also offer FREE Cataclysm updates.

The auto talent point selector makes leveling any toon a breeze as you select the spec you want for your WoW Priest or any other class and Booster automatically assigns the points for you as you level. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

Check Out all Booster has to offer at their home page:

As far as talent builds for leveling fast, this WoW Priest Leveling Guide recommends that you play your priest the way you enjoy. If you want to be a holy healer then go Holy. If you want to experience the fun of a DPS priest then a shadow talent build can be a ton of fun. Maybe you want to try something a little in between then check out Disc Priest and you can have a ton of fun in BG’s along the way as well.

Many WoW Priest Leveling guide offerings will tell you to start off in a Shadow build because it is much easier to level. This simply is not the case when using one of the great in game leveling addons mentioned above. All classes and builds can be power leveled equally fast.