What Class Is The Easiest To Level In WoW?

I cannot even count how many times I have seen a new player ask what is the easiest class to level in WoW.

I generally will recommend that a player level a class that appeals to them. Not everyone like being a melee fighter or a ranged and certainly there are many that do not like tanking or healing at all.

In the time I have played World Of Warcraft I have leveled every class to the level cap and some of them multiple times so I have a pretty good feel for how leveling works.

The answer to what class is the easiest to level in WoW, in my opinion, is ALL of them are easy to level.

Never once have I started a new toon and thought “Man, this class takes a lot longer than the others to level up.”

This is because the questing system Blizzard has put in place makes it equally easy to level any class and race combination IF a player understands how to use the questing system to their advantage.

If you are using something like Dugi’s Ultimate In Game Guides like I do to level up toons, it is a breeze for every single class.

In game questing guide like Dugi’s are designed to level ANY class in the shortest time possible.

The reason for this is simple…

What quests you pick up AND what quests you avoid make all the difference in leveling time. Yes, there are certainly quests within the game that are basically a waste of time for the reward and experience you receive for the time spent to complete.

Leveling time has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of time you have available to play the game because rested experience is gained the longer you are logged off the game. (Make sure you are inside an Inn in a major city for best rested experience)

Blizzard wanted to make sure that the casual player with limited playing time had a chance to catch up to their friends even if they had less time available to play the game. You know, life kinda sometimes gets in the way of WoW. Hard to believe but, it is true.

If you are a new player to World Of Warcraft forget about what class is the easiest to level in WoW and focus more on what you think you will enjoy the most.

After all, isn’t the game supposed to provide enjoyment?

Questing sucks, we all know that….

Everyone hits the leveling / questing wall at some point in time and it begins to be a grind no matter what class you are playing.

I recommend figuring out what 2 classes you think you will enjoy the most. Make one of each and this way you can be getting the maximum rested experience on one while you are playing the other.

Check out Dugi’s Ultimate Guides or Zygors Guides for a really good in game questing program that will eliminate that leveling / questing wall and help you get the most enjoyment out of even the most limited playing time.