WoW Cataclysm Shaman Leveling Guide

Casting totems which serve as stationary buffs, debuffs, healing over time, or damage over time spells, wielding the power of lava, lightning, and air, shamans are a distinctive and interesting class found in the World of Warcraft game. On the Alliance side, draenei and dwarves can both become shamans, while on the Horde side, orcs, trolls, goblins, and tauren can all dabble in the arts of these totemic warriors. This WoW Cataclysm shaman leveling guide describes how to make the most of a shaman’s unique abilities to level to 85 as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Enhancement shamans are marginally more preferred to other talent specializations for leveling because of their reliance on melee damage and relative sturdiness. Tough and combative, this spec does not need to keep their foes at arm’s length in order to survive. An enhancement shaman must use two one-handed weapons in order to make use of most of their spells and abilities, so you should equip your shaman with maces, axes, or fist weapons – preferably those with a high amount of Agility.

Agility is the core of most enhancement shaman abilities, so as soon as your character reaches level 40, you should fit them out with a complete set of mail armor as fast as you can to get the additional Agility buff. Your character will also need a decent dose of Stamina to be tough enough to survive, however, even with instant heals occasionally provided by five-stacks of Maelstrom Weapon, once that becomes available.

You should use Windfury Weapon on your main hand weapon at a minimum, due to the high chance of getting extra attacks. This spell can also be released with Unleash Wind, which causes 125% of weapon damage to your current target and boosts your melee attack speed by 40% for the next six attacks. Once Maelstrom Weapon is available, use most of it for instant Lightning Bolts, but always be ready for a swift healing spell, too.

Elemental shamans can also be played effectively for quick leveling if desired, though they are a caster spec and therefore less able to survive in melee. Lower level elemental shamans need to rely on lightning and shock spells for damage, but once Lava Burst is learned at level 34, the focus of this spec changes entirely.

After this point, your character’s most important moves, as this WoW Cataclysm shaman leveling guide sees it, are to cast Flame Shock first of all, and then Lava Burst immediately afterward. Flame Shock’s damage over time effect on the target will cause your Lava Burst to be an automatic critical hit, devastating the opponent. Spirit is the most critical statistic for an elemental shaman, followed closely by Intellect (both for mana and spellpower), and Stamina (to keep your character alive while leveling).