WoW Leveling Addon Programs For Power Leveling

WoW Leveling Addon programs have always been the fastest way to level in World Of Warcraft.

The reason these WoW leveling addon programs have been so effective is mainly due to the fact that they make use of the most efficient questing paths and zone in the game. The majority of players do not realize that there are quests in WoW that were basically added to the game as time wasters because the offer very little reward of experience for the lengthy amount of time needed to complete.

Long time top players like Dugi and Zygor have been creating and keeping some of the best WoW leveling addon programs for several years now and are the leaders of in game power leveling addons.

One of the things new players and veteran WoW gamers need to consider are the changes coming in Cataclysm that will essentially change everything when it comes to leveling and questing new toons. You will want to make sure you have a WoW leveling addon that keeps up with the massive changes that come with patches and expeansions. Dugi & Zygor have a proven track record of being ready for anything Blizzard wats to throw into the game.

My personal favorite as reflected on my review pages is because Dugi offers the widest range of leveling addon guides from Questing to Daily and even dungeon leveling addon programs for those that prefer to use the random dungeon system to power level toons.