WoW Leveling Record – WoW Power Leveling Is About To Change

There have been tons of people claiming to have set a WoW leveling record and the problem you have with just about all of them is they used some sort of tactic not readily available to the average World Of Warcraft players.

“refer a friend” or grant a level seem to be what we find most have done.

This hardly qualifies as any kind of WoW leveling record if you ask me.

Still there are many that have been able to power level World Of Warcraft toons in blazing time and I have been one of those people for the last couple years.

Yes, I am what I call a Toon Crafter..

I build toons just because I love building toons.

Yes, I do raid quite a bit and I love to PVP with my mage (first toon, first love)


I love creating new toons and racing the clock to try and beat my leveling times on various classes.

Obviously from this site I am a big user of the in game WoW Quest Helper programs and I highly recommend ANY of the in game guides on this site to anyone looking to level faster or maximize playing time.

With that said there is a extremely cool new way to power level that I think most people are going to enjoy over the grind of solo questing.

WoW Dungeon Power Leveling

Sure, I can hear you….

The random dungeon system has been out for awhile now and people using them to level is nothing new…

You would be right except for one thing….

People are not doing the dungeon quests!!

WHAT! Are you crazy?

The absolute key to power leveling using the random dungeon system is by DOING THE QUESTS PEOPLE!!

These are the quests that offer that highest experience rewards in the game AND they offer some of the coolest leveling gear peices in the game as well.

Now, I know why people do not do these quests..

They are a pain in the backside..Scattered all over the realm..

We do not have a clue where to pick them up and turn them in after..

You are right that if you do not know about these quests and where to get them you probably will never pick them up or even bother wasting time trying to figure it out.

How about a WoW Quest Helper for Dungeons?

This is going to change power leveling as we know it forever..

I can see a whole new line of claims to WoW Leveling Records.

Maybe one will be yours, I know I am going for it…Of course, I am just a Toon Crafter anyway.

CLICK HERE for some cool information about the new WoW Dungeon Quest Helper as well as some videos