WoW Mage Leveling – Fast Mage Leveling in Cataclysm

Mages in World of Warcraft are a very powerful class, able to strike down their foes at a distance using blasts of fire, shattering bursts of ice, or the white energy of arcane force itself. They also have many other utility powers, including the ability to blink from place to place instantly without crossing the ground in between, slow their fall so that they can survive plunging over cliffs, conjure food and drink for themselves or allies, silence enemy spellcasters to prevent them from using their powers for several critical seconds, and so on. WoW mage leveling requires a good deal of skill and knowledge, however, because mages are also fragile – armored only with cloth, feeble in melee, and with generally low health totals.

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Fire mages are one of the more viable leveling specs due to their high damage output, and the talents which give them speed boosts from time to time, making them elusive targets for enemy monsters. They generally fare poorly in PvP (player versus player) battlegrounds, due to their inability to slow down opposing player characters and their lack of “panic buttons” such as the Ice Barrier talent found in the Frost tree. However, for leveling, you can make use of this spec effectively if you know what to do.

The tactics for a leveling fire mage in WoW are basic “run and gun” techniques. You should open with your high-damage Pyroblast when possible, since it is a very slow spell, and you want to cast it before the target is aggressive to your character.

Pyroblast is often used for “pulling”, or starting a fight, but is less useful once battle has begun (though an immobilized opponent can sometimes be hit with a second Pyroblast, and deep fire talents sometimes cause an instant Pyroblast to proc). At level 69, you should put your last few talent points into Frost’s Piercing Ice and Arcane’s Netherwind Presence for improved crit and spell haste, respectively.

WoW mage leveling in Frost is preferred by many people, however, due to the spec’s ability to keep opponents at arm’s length more easily by slowing or freezing them outright. The frost spec does less damage than fire, so those who want dramatic numbers and swift kills should probably opt for (or at least experiment with) fire. Frost mages have a lot of survivability, however, and are able to control the fight much more effectively than their fiery or arcane brethren.

Once your frost mage reaches level 69, a full 31 talent points will have been spent in the frost tree, and the remaining talent points can be used in other trees if desired. The frost leveling spec benefits most from putting these last few points into the Arcane talent tree, speeding up spellcasting, earning reduced mana costs for spells, and so on.

Arcane is now a viable leveling spec as well, and resembles fire (high damage, lower survivability) with a large box of “tricks”, such as counterspells and Improved Blink. To level using this spec, you should try to maintain mobility and maximize your use of quick or instant spells as well.