Zygor Guides Review – A Zygor Guide Review From An Actual User

This Zygor guides review is going to focus on several aspects of the famous Zygors in game leveling guide for World Of Warcraft.

Zygors has been offering a in game leveling addon guide for almost 3 years now and the first thing new users will notice is the installation of this guide. It installs much easier than any other addon you will ever use in WoW.

Zygor also gives users and auto updater that you can use to update to the lastest version of his guides with a simple click of the mouse.

This in game leveling guide offers versions for both Horde & Alliance as well as an in game Daily Quests Guide for both factions.

Zygors is the in game guide I was using at the Lich King expansion and his guide was updated and ready to go for that expansion 3 days prior to the expansion launch. This allowed me to have it installed and able to get out in front of all the other people hitting the WotLK start area. Quick update is something the Zygor team is very good at getting done so the guide is always working properly

If you are using BoA items or the WoW triple experience from the “refer a friend” program, this in game guide will automatically keep moving forward as it recognizes that you are leveling faster than normal.

As far as leveling speed, Zygor may not be the fastest but the interface, ease of install and support for this in game guide certainly make it one of the best around. I can use this guide to get from level 1 to the level cap in about 7 days.

You can check out Zygors at: http://www.ZygorsQuestHelper.com

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